Gen C, X, Z and their Go-to-Market dynamics

After our Top Ten ‘Go-to-Market’ Mistakes Made by Federal Contractors webinar (click to watch webinar and download slides), we received a number of follow-up questions from viewers.

Q: How does Generation C (Connected) fit in and impact the dynamics?

A (Kevin Young:  It’s everything—a sea change—a paradigm shift for businesses worldwide, B-to-C, B-to-B, and B-to-G. Gen Y or Millennials (born circa 1977–1994) are more than 70 million strong in the United States and grew up on technology. The Gen Zs (born 1995 on) are technology. Both generations have preferences much different from the Boomers (1946–1964) and Gen X (1965–1976), who are mostly our current customers, for receiving information, disseminating information, and making purchasing decisions. Marketing, brand, image, and promotion vehicles and channels must adapt. Both of these new(er) generations are impacted by—and are shaping—the dynamic, changing landscape in terms of demographics, ecology, economics, laws, politics, privacy, society, technology, etc. In other words, 10 years from now, most of our primary customers and prospects will be Millennials. “It’s not your Dad’s Oldsmobile” anymore!

For some Go-to-Market context, here’s Kevin’s Washington Technology article on 10 Ways Marketing Drives Your Company’s Success (click to read more)

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