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Unlock the possibilities of AI-Assisted Proposal Development

AI tools can help you build better, more competitive proposals – and reduce efforts by as much as 30 percent.

Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) tools into the business development, capture and proposal process is an arms race. We estimate that half of all government contractors will use AI to boost their win probability in 2024—and the government will soon use AI to evaluate proposals! It is time to unlock the full potential of AI for business winning.

Build your proposals in our Generative AI-Assisted Proposal Development Center (GenAI PDC)

Let us build your proposal in our commercial, Multi-Tenant GenAI PDC using our enterprise AI platforms and our team of highly experienced, AI-trained capture and proposal professionals.

Our consulting team of 150+ business-winning proposal experts are trained to work in AI Enterprise platforms and can develop your proposals in our secure Generative AI PDC. Our AI-trained proposal professionals average 20+ years of experience in government proposal development and are deeply experienced in winning Civilian, Defense, National Intelligence, and International contracts. This experience, paired with their proficiency in AI tools and enterprise platforms, will help you unlock your competitive advantage using AI for your proposals.

Proposal Experience Coupled with GenAI Fluency is your winning combination

Need to augment your team with AI-experienced business-winning consultants? You have come to the right place! Our AI-trained consulting team includes:

  • Capture Managers
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Solution Designers
  • Proposal Managers
  • Volume Leads
  • Graphic Artists
  • Editors
  • Desktop Publishers
  • Technical Writers
  • Color Team Reviewers
  • Orals Coaches
  • AI Training Specialists

We can work in your AI Enterprise Platform and have experience with:

  • Azure OpenAI Service
  • Microsoft/Chat GPT
  • Bing Chat
  • Google Bard
  • AWS/Anthropic Claude
  • Meta Llama 2
  • Procurement Sciences
  • Special purpose AI tools

Lohfeld GenAI PDC Is Designed with Security in Mind

For your next proposal, become a tenant in our GenAI PDC. This segregated virtual workspace offers private AI platforms that do not train on your data nor share it with outside sources who might train on your prompts, data, or outputs. Your company’s data can be uploaded into and managed in your private data library. This avoids leakage into/from other tenant workspaces.

Lohfeld GenAI PDC is more than just a safe place for corporate proprietary data. It follows government best practices for closed AI platforms by cutting connectivity to public networks.

Select your private Enterprise AI Platform

As a tenant of our GenAI PDC, you get the benefits of this game-changing technology but keep your company’s proprietary data safe. Choose one of these private data, enterprise-level GenAI platforms with supporting tools and get immediate access:

Procurement Sciences AI Platform: Offers a cloud-based AI platform that we can provision in 24 hours and will securely hold your company’s proprietary data.

Azure OpenAI Service: A Microsoft on-our-premise solution that securely accesses your company’s proprietary data stored in our SharePoint directory in Microsoft Azure.

Build your AI Private data library

Our Content Management Team will work with you to review and manage your company’s private data. We’ll organize, manage and tag your data, add new artifacts, and retire older ones as needed. We’ll help ensure that each artifact is:

  • Selected for its relevance to your business-winning process
  • Curated to remove extraneous information
  • Parsed to organize the content better
  • Tagged properly for AI access
  • Uploaded to your secure private data library in your AI platform

Create your AI-assisted Knowledge Management System

Once you have a well-developed private data library, your AI platform becomes your company’s new Knowledge Management System (KMS). This allows you to query using conversational natural language and retrieve information without writing traditional SQL databases.

This easier-to-maintain, AI-assisted KMS is both more effective and less resource-intensive. There’s no KMS code for an IT team to write and maintain nor data inputs for specialists to manage. It’s all done for you via your GenAI platform.

Accelerate Your Team’s Adoption of Generative AI to Win New Business

Let our team build your AI adoption roadmap, reskill your workforce, and accelerate your company’s transformation to becoming a leader in the new era of AI assisted business winning. We can put your company on the fast track.

We can provide:

  • An Engagement Success Manager to accelerate your company’s use of a GenAI Enterprise platform for business winning
  • An AI-trained Proposal Manager to work with and train your team to use AI tools effectively
  • Access to our Lohfeld proprietary Prompt Library for Proposal Professionals and Prompt Engineering Guide
  • Access to our Lohfeld Chatbot for advice on best practices for creating winning proposals
  • Access to our consulting team of over 150+ AI trained professionals who can help you build winning proposals

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Download our free GenAI Prompt Engineering Lessons-Learned Report

Download a free copy of our Lohfeld GenAI Prompt Engineering Lessons-Learned Report, where we share key insights from our work exploring prompt engineering for proposal professionals.

Through extensive hands-on testing, our seasoned proposal experts identified techniques to create prompts that yield tailored, strategy-aligned outputs versus generic text from AI. These experiments reveal prompt engineering best practices to maximize value from AI augmentation.

If you’re a BD, capture, or proposal professional looking to exploit GenAI, download the report to get an in-depth look at our team’s tests, refinements, and recommendations for engineering effective prompts. The report shares:

  • Context specifics that improved relevance
  • Ways to tap AI for differentiated text
  • Concise prompting approaches
  • Insights on the power of sequential interactions
  • Methods for specifying output formatting
  • …And more prompt engineering insights

Click to download Lohfeld’s Prompt Engineering Lessons-Learned Report.