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Unlock the possibilities of AI-Assisted Proposal Development

AI tools can help you build better, more competitive proposals – while reducing your proposal costs by 30 percent or more.

You’re in a race with your competitors to reduce costs and increase win rates by adopting generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) tools in your business development, capture, and proposal processes. Our 2024 LinkedIn survey indicates that more than 2/3 of GovCon companies are already moving out with their adoption of GenAI—don’t get left behind!

Let Lohfeld Consulting help you build proposals faster, better, and at lower cost using Generative AI

Let us bring our experience using GenAI to write winning proposals to help you stay ahead of your competitors. We’ve trained over 100 of our proposal and capture consultants on a variety of GenAI platforms, including public platforms and Procurement Science’s private, commercial platform specifically for GovCon. Our proposal consultants can help you generate winning proposal content cost-effectively, securely, and quickly.

Our AI-trained proposal professionals average 20+ years of experience in government proposal development and are deeply experienced in winning Civilian, Defense, National Intelligence, and International contracts. This experience, paired with their proficiency in AI tools on enterprise platforms, will help you unlock your competitive advantage.

Proposal Experience Coupled with GenAI Fluency is your winning combination

Need to augment your team with AI-experienced business-winning consultants? You have come to the right place! Our AI-trained consulting team includes:

  • Proposal Managers
  • Volume Leads
  • Technical Writers
  • Color Team Reviewers
  • Capture Managers
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Solution Architects
  • Editors
  • Desktop Publishers
  • Orals Coaches
  • AI Training Specialists

Our proposal consultants have experience with numerous GenAI platforms (and can quickly learn yours if needed):

  • Azure OpenAI Service
  • ChatGPT 3.5 and ChatGPT 4.0
  • Bing Chat
  • Google Gemini
  • Anthropic Claude
  • Meta Llama
  • Procurement Sciences' Awarded.AI
  • Special purpose AI tools

Lohfeld’s partnership with Procurement Sciences gives us unmatched ability to provide GenAI-trained proposal support

Lohfeld’s early adoption of GenAI for proposal development led us to become a premier partner of Procurement Sciences, with their industry-leading, secure, GovCon-domain-aware GenAI solution for proposal work. Their top-of-the-line Awarded.AI platform can be hosted in your virtual private cloud or in the PSci virtual cloud, protecting your data from corruption and leakage at a very affordable price. By becoming a Procurement Sciences partner early on, Lohfeld consultants gained tremendous expertise and understanding of how a suite of AI-assisted tools and services can deliver unparalleled value to the enterprise business development program.

We’ve trained over 100 of our proposal consultants on the Procurement Sciences GenAI platform and helped numerous customers bring GenAI to bear on their proposal challenges. The Lohfeld-Procurement Sciences partnership also allows us to help our customers by offering:

  • Generative AI Training: Students learn to use AI models and engineer prompts, maintain private data libraries, support captures, and respond to government RFPs.
  • GenAI Power User Immersion Pilot Program: Companies accelerate their adoption of the Awarded.AI platform under the guidance of GenAI-expert consultants who guide their proposal teams through structured learning on live bids.

By doing proposal development in the Procurement Sciences environment as well as on public GenAI platforms, we’ve developed extraordinary experience in using AI-assisted tools to implement our portfolio of Lohfeld Proposal Best Practices. This experience makes it easy for our proposal experts to adapt your chosen GenAI platform to your best practices as well.

Assistance in selecting your private Enterprise AI Platform

Our partnership with Procurement Sciences leaves room for the independence we need to assist any customer with evaluating, selecting, and integrating their GenAI platform of choice. We’ve developed a GenAI Adoption Roadmap and a concept for structuring AI adoption through a proposal maturity model. We’ve already helped customers through the earliest stages of GenAI adoption with our Power User Immersion Pilot Program.

Procurement Sciences AI Platform: Offers a cloud-based AI platform that we can provision in 24 hours and will securely hold your company’s proprietary data.


Accelerate Your Team’s Adoption of GenAI to Win New Business

Let our team build your AI adoption roadmap, reskill your workforce, and accelerate your company’s transformation to becoming a leader in the new era of AI-assisted business winning. We can put your company on the fast track. We can provide:

  • An AI-trained Proposal Manager to work with and train your team to use AI tools effectively.
  • Access to our consulting team of over 100 AI-trained professionals who can help you build winning proposals.
  • Access to private, customized versions of our GenAI for Proposal Professionals class and GenAI Power User Immersion Pilot Program.
  • Complimentary access to our Lohfeld Prompt Engineering Guide, Lohfeld GenAI Prompt Engineering Lessons Learned Report, and Benchmarking Study comparing the effectiveness of public and private platforms for proposal tasks.

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Download our complimentary GenAI Prompt Engineering Lessons-Learned Report

Download a free copy of our Lohfeld GenAI Prompt Engineering Lessons-Learned Report, where we share key insights from our work exploring prompt engineering for proposal professionals.

Through extensive hands-on testing, our seasoned proposal experts identified techniques to create prompts that yield tailored, strategy-aligned outputs versus generic text from AI. These experiments reveal prompt engineering best practices to maximize value from AI augmentation.

If you’re a BD, capture, or proposal professional looking to exploit GenAI, download the report to get an in-depth look at our team’s tests, refinements, and recommendations for engineering effective prompts. The report shares:

  • Context specifics that improved relevance
  • Ways to tap AI for differentiated text
  • Concise prompting approaches
  • Insights on the power of sequential interactions
  • Methods for specifying output formatting
  • …And more prompt engineering insights

Click to download Lohfeld’s Prompt Engineering Lessons-Learned Report.