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Elevate Your Win Rates with Lohfeld Consulting’s Expert Proposal Services.

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For Federal Contractors

We provide end-to-end capture and proposal services that increase win rates

Our solutions are built on decades of experience in government markets. Using our proven Strength-Based Winning® methodology, our experts specialize in building proposals that exceed RFP requirements and increase win rates.

Lohfeld Consulting assists government contractors nationwide and around the globe, helping them bid and win highly competitive federal procurements.

Each of you played an absolutely critical role in the success of probably the best proposal we have ever put together in the history of [company]… [Lohfeld expert] —your assistance with the proposal management, editing, writing, and interviewing was just invaluable. This is the first time we have ever had outside help, and even though it has only been a couple weeks with everything you took in and digested it feels like you were really a part of our [company] team—thank you for all your guidance and help—it really made this go round so much better for us—and by “us” I mean absolutely for me!”

Our Industry Experience

Since 2003, we have provided capture and proposal expertise and professional training services to more than 2,500 companies. Our work spans multiple industries, making Lohfeld Consulting a preferred partner for top contractors.

Information Technology

Aerospace Engineering

Systems Engineering

Professional Services

Hardware Systems

Defense Programs

Other Technology-Related Disciplines


We work with 8 of the Top 10 government contractors


We work with 35 of the Top 50 government contractors


We work with more than one-third of the Top 200 government contractors

What We Can Do

Our team includes more than 150 of the most knowledgeable and effective capture and proposal experts in the business. We provide the proposal managers, volume leads, subject matter experts, writers, editors, and reviewers essential to creating winning proposals.

Proposal Management, Writing and Review

Our mission is to help clients win more government contracts. We provide clients with proposal experts to staff an entire proposal team (or just parts of the team) from RFP analysis through proposal submission.


Capture Management

Capture Management encompasses everything necessary to raise win probability, especially during the critical window between qualifying an opportunity and proposal submission. We help clients develop a capture plan and then coach their teams in executing these capture initiatives.


Capture & Proposal Process Support

Our process experts can help you assess your company’s current business development (BD) processes and tailor them to government market best practices. We’ll help raise your company’s win probability, increase your revenue, and lower your BD costs.


Professional Training

Our public and private online classes emphasize team interaction and collaboration. Each class is taught by the same BD experts who provide capture and proposal management services for our clients. Class customization is available.