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An introduction to editing for non-editors (Part 1) – content editing

In an ideal world, we’d all work in proposal shops with dedicated proposal writers and editors. The proposal writers would interview SMEs to craft compelling, clean text, and the editor would not only fix grammar mistakes, but also re-write as needed for one voice, clarity, and impact. Unfortunately, many of us work in proposal shops without these resources. In these cases, project staff write proposals in their spare time, and the proposal manager is often responsible for managing the proposal, re-writing text as needed, and editing the document before submission. Teaching regular contributors how to edit their own work will improve their writing skills over time and reduce the amount of re-work required by the proposal manager. A proposal manager should introduce the concept of self-editing work at the proposal kick-off meeting and share this article to jump-start the process. If you’re a proposal manager tasked with editing, you might … Continue reading An introduction to editing for non-editors (Part 1) – content editing

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Show me the money! Part 1

A Go-to-Market strategy series

Welcome! Over the next few weeks, we will be posting a series on the importance of Go-to-Market (GTM) Strategy—a significant tool for successful business development and sales efforts. So, let’s start at the beginning. What is Go-to-Market? While the term seems self-explanatory (no, it is not about a trip to the grocery store), developing and executing an actionable GTM strategy can elude even the most experienced professionals. And, regardless of where your company is in the spectrum of selling to the Federal Government, you need to seriously consider a solid, executable GTM strategy. A GTM strategy is an action plan for your organization, specifically developed using internal and external research that outlines how to reach customers and achieve competitive advantage. The purpose of the GTM strategy is to provide a roadmap for delivering your products and/or services to the end customer, understanding such factors as pricing and distribution. Even if … Continue reading Show me the money! Part 1

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Preparing Section 508-compliant proposal documents using MS Word

We recently supported several proposal efforts that required submitting Section 508-compliant documents. (Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires that U.S. Government information and data should be accessible to people with disabilities.) Here are 10 quick tips for creating Section 508-compliant documents using MS Word. Use MS Word styles to define headings and normal text. Use built-in MS Word formats to create columns, bullets, lists, tables, headers, footers, and footnotes. Provide tags for all images using the alt text feature to describe each image using words. Provide a description of a chart or graphic immediately after that chart or graphic. Provide text descriptions or equivalents for any graphics or flowcharts. If color is used to convey information, the text must also convey that information. Use colors that people who are color blind can distinguish; most color-blind people have trouble distinguishing green and red or blue and yellow. Embed … Continue reading Preparing Section 508-compliant proposal documents using MS Word

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Q&A Part 3 | Top 20 bids for 2017—and the market trends that will affect how you build your pipeline

Lohfeld Business Winning Webinars [webinar replay]

We received a lot of audience questions during our recent Top 20 bids for 2017 webinar. Here is part 3 of our Q&A. Question: With more and more work going to task orders that have less visibility, how can you find out more about what task orders to bid? Brenda Crist’s Answer: That’s a great question, and it’s really tough too because I use most all of the government research services and it’s sometimes hard to find out, although GovWin does provide some of the old RFPs. So, if you don’t have that service, go to the contracting officer and go through your old emails. You have to find that old RFP. Then you can start doing your traditional capture on it. That is definitely hard.   Question: Everyone is going after these high-profile bids. How can we make our proposals stand out? Lisa Pafe’s Answer: What we recommend to … Continue reading Q&A Part 3 | Top 20 bids for 2017—and the market trends that will affect how you build your pipeline

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