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Opportunity Alert: GSA CAMEO Recompete

The new contract(s) will focus on transformation aligned with a defined solutions architecture

Get ready for the General Services Administration (GSA) CIO Application Maintenance, Enhancements, and Operations (CAMEO) Re-Compete effort. GSA held an Industry Day August 7 to introduce the procurement, which as they reiterated, is early in the process and industry feedback is welcome. The program is generating a lot of attention with more than 230 companies attending Industry Day. Current Task Orders The CAMEO work is currently performed under two FEDSIM task orders awarded in 2014 to Lockheed Martin (full and open, $400 million) and Alliant Solution Partners (small business, $92 million). The current CAMEO program supports GSA’s OCIO with updating the Federal Acquisition Service’s (FAS) business systems. Both task orders expire in Q2 of 2019. The CAMEO program streamlines a highly integrated IT portfolio of approximately 90 business applications through application development and modernization, as well as operations and maintenance (O&M). Business applications include a wide variety of FAS systems … Continue reading Opportunity Alert: GSA CAMEO Recompete

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Set Your Sights on USDA Centers of Excellence Bids for Q4 and Beyond

A series of acquisitions covering multiple skill sets, technology stacks, and application portfolios

In December, the White House announced that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) would serve as the first of GSA’s Center of Excellence (CoE) for IT Modernization. USDA is at the forefront for implementing the Trump administration’s IT Modernization Plan with a series of acquisitions covering multiple skill sets, technology stacks, and application portfolios. Multiple Award BPA Under Phase 1, in March 2018, USDA awarded five contracts to collaborate and partner with the agency on strategy and planning for upcoming bids. On July 30, 2018, USDA released its first Phase 2 CoE acquisition under GSA Schedule 70 via e-Buy, due August 10: a multiple award Blanket Purchasing Agreement (BPA) for Infrastructure Optimization Cloud Adoption. With a two-year period of performance, the program will require the selected vendors to work with USDA’s Cloud Platform Services (CPS) organization responsible for enterprise-wide cloud adoption and infrastructure optimization. USDA plans to make an award … Continue reading Set Your Sights on USDA Centers of Excellence Bids for Q4 and Beyond

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Proposal brain

Mental fatigue is real and can affect your proposal success

Do you feel forgetful? Is your thinking cloudy? Are you making mistakes? Are you scrambling your words? If so, chances are you have “proposal brain” or what some call “brain fry.” In my experience, working long hours over a stretch of several days without a break causes the problem and no amount of sugar, caffeine or binge watching your favorite shows can cure it. So, what causes this occupational hazard? I used to work with a doctor who chalked it up to mental fatigue or too many hours spent in front a computer screen without a break. Some people can go for several days without feeling the effects of proposal brain and some just hours. So, if you get proposal brain how can you to get rid of it? Here are five tips, I found helpful. Step away from the screen – Leave your office and go for a walk … Continue reading Proposal brain

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Strategic differentiation with a customer focus

Highlight real differentiators to emerge as a leader

I recently worked on a proposal that required – not an executive summary – but an introduction that called out the vendor’s differentiators. Perhaps one of the hardest aspects of our industry is coming up with real differentiators to cite in our proposals. In his book, “Collapse of Distinction. Stand out and move up while your competition fails”, Scott McKain suggests we spend too much time trying to duplicate and outdo our competitors. When we compete rather than emerge as a differentiated leader in our field, we are driven by the competition and not by the customer. McKain says that to have an advantage, we must pay more attention to what the customer wants than to what the competition is doing. Has this happened in your organization? The competition creates a point of distinction, so you duplicate it and try to do it even better. Each competitor introduces incremental changes … Continue reading Strategic differentiation with a customer focus

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