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Consistent Wins Start with Training

To win proposals consistently, you have to start with well-trained, knowledgeable, and highly skilled teams. Our classes are designed and proven to teach the know-how necessary for capturing new business and managing proposal development effectively, from proposal creation to review and presentation. Find out why companies of all sizes consistently rate our course content and industry expert trainers as “excellent.”

“You changed the way we think…other training just tells us what to do. You helped us think differently.”

—Student Feedback

“Love these classes. Some of the most useful time and money I’ve spent.”

—Student Feedback

“I’m ready for the upcoming recompetes now. I wish I had had this training long ago.”

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“This course gives the in-depth intimate tips, clues, and suggestions for Capture, BD, & PMs to be successful”

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ONLINE Public Classes

Our public classes are available as online, instructor-led, interactive sessions.

ONLINE Private Training

All of our interactive classes are available as private, online, instructor-led sessions.

Strengthen your proposal team’s win probability with these expert-led classes.

Strength-Based Winning®

Set the framework for how the government evaluates proposals and what constitutes a strength. Learn how to perform Strength-Based Capture, Strength-Based Solutioning®, and Strength-Focused Reviews and write proposal text that highlights your strengths.



Proposal Management Training

Create winning proposals using proven techniques. The class covers our 5-phase business acquisition framework and includes best practices and tips for managing every aspect of your proposals.



Generative AI for Proposals Training

Tap into the power of GenAI to lower proposal costs, reduce development time—and create better proposals. You’ll also learn how to create and manage private data libraries and engineer quality prompts on multiple AI models.



Capture Management Training

Make better-informed decisions with this 10-step capture management process training. We cover the major activities from identifying and qualifying new business opportunities through RFP release.



Modern Proposal Writing

Improve your proposal quality and increase win rates by learning the building blocks of a great proposal and how to plan and write compelling proposals. Expect increased efficiency and evaluation scores through in-class practice.



Bid and Proposal Bootcamp

Get the skills to win recompetes and grow your business. Multiply the capabilities of your business development teams and prepare technical teams to support proposals and conduct orals/technical demos.



Strength-Based Proposal Reviews

Learn how to review, evaluate, and score proposals like a government evaluator. Then leverage our seven quality measures to increase your win rates.



APMP Certification Preparation

Get prepared for APMP’s Foundation Certification exam based on the APMP Body of Knowledge. This course explains best practices with constructive exercises and practice questions.



Winning Orals Presentations

Prepare for orals effectively and efficiently. This training shows how to build and deliver orals presentations and technical demos with cross-team collaboration and applies to proposal teams of 1 to 100! (Contact Karen Gauthier to discuss this private customized class.)




Learn on your schedule with our library of free content on business development, capture management, orals, and the proposal-related insights we pride ourselves on.