Strength-Based Winning Services

Maximize proposal success with Lohfeld’s Strength-Based Winning® approach.

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Why Strength-Based Winning®?

Your proposal is scored, not read—and the proposals with the best (and most) strengths win. Our tested and proven Strength-Based Winning®® methodology is based on our experts’ extensive knowledge and experience in federal procurements. This approach enables your company to weed out non-discriminating features and zero in on strengths.

Our experts help integrate this mindset from early in the capture process through solutioning and reviews. Find out what the customer really values, expose and minimize weaknesses, and showcase your strengths—these are the proposals that win.

Strength-Based Winning® demystifies how to create winning proposals.

Our classes show your team how to think and score like evaluators. You’ll learn:

  • How the government manages procurements and evaluates proposals
  • How to plan and manage effective reviews that mimic how government evaluators score proposals
  • How to avoid pitfalls commonly found in proposal reviews
  • How to lead every review session to increase proposal evaluation scores efficiently

Strength-Based Winning® Training

Public and private classes

Find out how to determine strengths that set you apart from your competitors. You’ll learn how to manage effective solutioning sessions, plus how to budget and map strengths for higher scores.

Strength-Based Proposal Reviews Training

Private, customized classes

Give your team a customized approach with full mock evaluations. Learn how to leverage our 7 Quality Measures and practice evaluating proposals from the government’s point of view.

Enhance your internal resources and augment your capture and proposal team.

Our business acquisition, capture, and proposal consultants work with your team to achieve cost-effective, winning results. We’ll help you win more with our Strength-Based Winning® approach.