Reviews and Assessments

Validate your proposal with expert outside reviews.

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Outside proposal reviews help ensure evaluators see what you see in your proposal.

Your proposal represents enormous effort and investment by your company. An outside proposal review protects that investment at the critical time between draft and submission.

Our senior professionals lend fresh, expert eyes to your own color reviews. We can also perform independent reviews against our 7 Quality Measures and conduct mock government SSEB reviews. In each case, you can count on thorough, frank assessments and actionable out-briefs.

We use 7 Quality Measures to assess your proposal.

We’ll review the RFP and score your proposal against our proven 7 Quality Measures. Our experts annotate specific recommendations for improving your proposal’s probability of win and provide an annotated copy of your proposal with a debrief document with actionable steps to improve proposal quality.

Study: Win Rates Double with 7 Quality Measures

Our results speak for themselves. In a small study conducted by Lohfeld Consulting, we performed color reviews on 23 proposals from six of our clients, measuring the proposals against our 7 Quality Measures. Clients committed to implementing 100% of our recommendations in these proposals.

Our clients saw their win rates double. Win rates rose from an average of 32% on similar bids to 76% for known outcomes (this includes proposals that won on technical but lost on cost). These results demonstrate the impressive return on investment offered by outside reviews using our 7 Quality Measures.

Post-mortem Proposal Reviews

Our 7 Quality Measures can be applied to submitted proposals as well as live ones. We follow the same process, including reviewing the RFP, scoring your proposal against our 7 Quality Measures, and annotating the proposal with specific comments. Using this proposal as a case study, we conduct an out-brief discussion on how to improve future proposals overall.

Mock Government Source Selection Evaluation Board (SSEB) Proposal Reviews

Clients report that their internal proposal reviews often get sidetracked by minor concerns like grammar and formatting. Our two options for Mock SSEB resolve this issue by conducting the review solely against the government’s evaluation factors. This ensures the review identifies what changes are really needed to improve a proposal’s chances of winning.

Mock SSEB Facilitation

During the pre-RFP phase, we review capture materials and relevant documentation to prepare a custom scorecard/matrix. This matrix mimics what an actual source selection board would use. Post RFP, our expert works with your capture team to update the scorecard against RFP requirements. Together, they’ll conduct a mock source selection evaluation. We’ll facilitate the review process and collective out-briefing.

Mock SSEB Proposal Reviews

Once the RFP has dropped, our expert develops a scorecard to identify strengths, deficiencies, risks, and weaknesses against the proposal sections and RFP’s evaluation criteria. Your team can use this custom scorecard independently, or we can use it to review the proposal and out-brief your team. The out-brief includes the annotated scorecard, proposal, and detailed instructions for how to improve your score.

Our Mock SSEB options are a transformational process. Your team will understand how the government scores proposals and where revisions will have the greatest payoff of success.