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Craft presentations that persuade with Orals Development and Coaching

Help your team showcase your strategy at its best.

Effective orals presentations incorporate a full range of media as well as persuasive speakers. We have experience developing winning orals for multiple types of acquisitions, including videos and GSA FEDSIM. We provide orals coaching support for every experience level, so your team can present with confidence.

Orals Development

We’ve streamlined orals development with our curated processes and tools. Our Orals experts guide presenter development and integrate your strengths and messaging to produce engaging slides and scripts. We work with your team to create presentations that go beyond compliance, effectively deliver your message, and prepare your team to give winning oral proposal presentations and technical demonstrations so you can maximize your chances of success.

Orals Coaching

Words and media matter, but it’s no surprise that the gestures and perceived emotions of your presenters are also important. That’s why our coaches work extensively with both experienced and inexperienced key personnel to build confidence through videotaped rehearsals, pointed questioning, and meticulous message refinement.

We work with you to prepare and structure the winning message and team, ensuring that compliance, innovations, and strengths are discussed in a focused manner, while aligning your capture plan with the evaluation criteria to achieve the highest possible scores.

FEDSIM Proposals

Our experts’ familiarity with the nuances of GSA FEDSIM proposals helps you effectively compete and win. We deploy our proven Strength-Based Winning® methodology, 7 Quality Measures, and proposal standards, incorporating your unique qualifications and expertise. The resulting story goes beyond mere compliance and promotes your overall advantages for a winning FEDSIM proposal.

Video Proposals

Federal agencies are requesting video proposals more and more frequently. Our experts keep you ahead of the competition. Our video specialists record your team at your facilities, on your schedule, using professional equipment and techniques. We provide targeted scripts for your team if desired and record multiple takes. We edit content for a seamless finished product that showcases your strategic content in a fully compliant format.