Service / Capture Management

Raise your win probability before the bid

Best Informed Wins – capture management unlocks success

A rigorous capture process is the most important action you can take to win a contract. After all, success depends on the quality of intelligence you’ve gathered and the influence you’ve leveraged. We’ll help raise your competitiveness through our well-defined process, including our Strength-Based Winning® methodology.

Capture Management Consulting

Our experienced capture managers work with from your executive team to develop a capture plan and execute each initiative within your company. Beginning the moment your firm decides to bid, we’ll work together to reduce costs through efficiencies, conduct competitor assessments, and develop compelling win strategies. This prepares your company to write not just a winning proposal, but results in long-term business development success.

Capture Training

Consistently winning proposals start with well-trained, highly skilled teams. Our 10-step capture management process covers all major capture management activities. It also provides the tools and techniques that will equip your company to make better-informed bid/no-bid decisions and increase your win probability. Each class is taught by the same experts who provide capture and proposal management for our clients.

Capture Assessments

Do you have a must-win deal? Then you’ll want to make sure your company is running the capture effectively, efficiently, and correctly. We can conduct capture assessments of your capture plan and execution against our 12 capture Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These assessments identify areas where immediate action can substantially improve your probability of win.

Capture Process Optimization

In the most effective companies, the right processes are always ready to deploy. Optimized process poises a company for growth, decreases the cost of new business acquisition, and increases win probability. We can help you achieve this with our proven capture and proposal process support, integrating our Strength-Based Winning® methodology, based on in-depth research and analysis.