Oral services

Maximize oral presentations with expert coaching.

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Ensure your efforts culminate in effective orals presentations.

The orals stage can be the final opportunity to realize a return on your specific solution and business development efforts. Our experienced presentation development experts and orals coaches help your team present your best-value solutions and benefits to the customer. 

Prepare to take the stage with confidence.

We partner with your teams to create orals presentations that communicate the high caliber of your offering. This includes crafting orals materials, effectively preparing your presenters, and professionally filming and editing video content when needed. Our coaches and experts know the ins and outs of multiple agency procurement types, including the challenging GSA FEDSIM format.

Explore Orals Development and Coaching options.

Orals Coaching

Our Orals coaches help create presentations that go beyond compliance, effectively deliver your message, and prepare your team to give winning oral proposal presentations and technical demonstrations.



Orals Training

Prepare for orals effectively and efficiently. Our training prepares your team to build and deliver orals presentations of all varieties with cross-team collaboration!