Service / Proposal Graphics & Desktop Publishing

Visualize your solution with Graphics Design and Desktop Publishing

Boost your content quality with clear graphics to increase your chances of success. 

Words aren’t always enough. Our proposal graphics professionals serve as both designers and conceptual artists who translate data into visuals. We take complex ideas from technical personnel and subject matter experts (SMEs) and develop clear, compelling illustrations that embody these ideas—from simple organization charts to complex foldouts.

Access a full range of visual communication services

Our graphic design teams offer experienced support for RFP responses, including proposal graphics, proposal templates, proposal covers, oral presentation slides, and overall proposal layout. Our professionals can help you

  • Establish the “look and feel” of your written proposal, as well as oral presentations
  • Develop and maintain graphic templates and standards for proposal preparation
  • Convert and tailor graphic illustrations drawn from archives
  • Edit graphic art based on review comments until approved
  • Develop and maintain a graphic log book with up-to-date artwork
  • Create and maintain graphic “slug” ID numbers and revision numbers for version control
  • Import and export files between software programs and platforms
  • Troubleshoot many software and hardware compatibility issues