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OASIS+ Proposal Management Tool Update – FREE

Lohfeld Consulting Group is offering industry our OASIS+ Proposal Management Tool to manage your project selection and analyze scores for each candidate project. We have updated it for the second draft of the OASIS+ request for proposal (RFP). Our tool is an expansion of the Government’s J.P-8 Rev 3-8 Scoresheet with eight (8) worksheets associated with the eight domains to select and analyze your qualifying projects (QPs) and calculate projected scores associated with each scoring element. OASIS+ Proposal Management Tool Contents The tool contains complete compliance matrices for RFP sections L and M for small and unrestricted business categories. The tool contains complete domain descriptions from RFP Section C, so everything is in one place for easy reference. Each scoresheet tab has three groups of columns. The first is for scoresheet items and associated QPs. The second is for capturing the QP elements, and the third is for identifying and … Continue reading OASIS+ Proposal Management Tool Update – FREE

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Getting Ready for OASIS+: Prepare before, during, and after the bid to win more task orders | WEBINAR REPLAY

Click to watch our free OASIS+ webinar replay and learn: How to prepare for the OASIS+ bid prior to the RFP release How to prepare your proposal response efficiently and accurately How to leverage OASIS+ to win more task orders During the Q&A session, Jacob Bertram answers your questions about OASIS+ and provides a brief description of Lohfeld Consulting Group’s OASIS+ tracker tool. Click to download the presentation PDF Presenter: Jacob Bertram, Lohfeld Consulting Group Principal Consultant and former GSA Contracts Director for OASIS and Professional Services MAS Additional Lohfeld Consulting articles about OASIS+: Is OASIS+ for you? Opportunity at a glance: OASIS Plus Multi-Agency Contract Missteps to avoid when using GSA’s Symphony Procurement Suite Get ready—the government floodgates are opening with 2023 bids Lohfeld Consulting Group can help guide you through your project selection, score analysis process, and proposal review process. Contact Brenda Crist at for more information and … Continue reading Getting Ready for OASIS+: Prepare before, during, and after the bid to win more task orders | WEBINAR REPLAY

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Run your next proposal review like the government

Using the government’s review process to evaluate your proposals leads to a more realistic assessment of your score

There is a dichotomy between the way industry and government Source Selection Evaluation Boards (SSEBs) run proposal reviews. In industry, reviewers read the entire proposal and make in-line recommendations concerning how to improve each section. Industry evaluators also verify that suitable win themes are present. How the government reviews proposals In contrast, the government grades the proposal using a score sheet based on the evaluation criteria listed in the request for proposal (RFP). In most cases, you can find the evaluation criteria in the RFP’s Section M. The RFP also explains the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) criteria the government uses to evaluate the proposal. For example, if the government uses FAR Part 15, it is rating your proposal on a best-value scale using a numeric, adjectival, or confidence rating. As part of the rating scheme, they evaluate your proposal according to strengths, weaknesses, significant weaknesses, deficiencies, and risks. Government evaluators … Continue reading Run your next proposal review like the government

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“Evolve Care Package” for creating a high-scoring proposal – post-RFP release

The race is on now—the U.S. Department of State (DOS) Bureau of Information Resource Management (IRM) released its $10B Evolve IDIQ request for proposal (RFP) on December 2, 2022. Evolve bid milestones December 5, 2022: The portal for questions opens. December 9, 2022 at 2:00 PM ET: The portal for questions closes. December 14, 2022: Vendor training session focused on Symphony registration. January 18, 2023 at 2:00 PM ET: Phase 1 proposals are due. April 2023: Companies are invited to continue to Phase 2 (this date is subject to change). Q4 FY2023: Final awards made on Phase 2 proposals (this is an estimated date). Contract award categories The bid is highly competitive—hundreds of companies showed interest during DOS’ industry day. DOS stated it is awarding 34 Evolve contracts, and offerors can submit proposals for one or more of five functional categories: IT Management Services Functional Category (FC1) (NAICS 541513) Eight … Continue reading “Evolve Care Package” for creating a high-scoring proposal – post-RFP release

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