Use AI to Power 7 Quality Measures for Proposal Reviews


Lohfeld Consulting has always advised companies’ proposal reviewers to evaluate proposals like government evaluators. We urge proposal managers to create score sheets using the evaluation criteria defined in requests for proposals (RFP) to help evaluators score proposals and provide recommendations for improvements. In addition, we encourage companies to use our 7 Quality Measures as a standard of excellence to refine their reviews.

Lohfeld Consulting is taking our 7 Quality Measures below to the next level by urging companies to consider using artificial intelligence (AI) tools such as Procurement Sciences AI to support their proposal reviews.

Enhance Lohfeld 7 Quality Measures with AI

#1: Proposal compliance

AI can help generate a compliance matrix by automatically cross-referencing proposal content against the requirements outlined in the RFP. By streamlining this process, AI minimizes the risk of missing crucial compliance details, saving valuable time and reducing the potential for costly oversights.

#2: Responsiveness

AI’s natural language processing (NLP) can analyze whether proposals directly address the questions and concerns raised in the RFP. This ensures your recommendations are comprehensive and aligned with the client’s needs and expectations.

#3: Customer focus

AI can assess the customer-centricity of proposals by identifying key phrases and content that emphasize the client’s specific requirements, pain points, and desired outcomes. This can help tailor a deep understanding of the customer’s perspective, fostering stronger connections and trust.

#4: Rich in features and benefits

Evaluating the richness of features and benefits in a proposal can be daunting, but AI can simplify this process. You can write prompts to formulate strengths using information and proof points that you provide. You can also use AI to identify potential weaknesses or risks inherent in your writing.

#5: Easy to evaluate

AI-driven tools can analyze the structure and organization of proposals, assessing their overall ease of evaluation. By identifying logical flow, clear headings, and well-structured content, AI ensures that your recommendations are informative and user-friendly for evaluators.

#6: Visually appealing

Visual appeal plays a crucial role in capturing the attention of evaluators. AI can analyze the visual elements of proposals, such as layout, graphics, and formatting, to verify they are engaging and visually appealing. This enhances the overall impression of your suggestions and makes them more memorable.

#7: Well-written

AI-powered grammar and syntax checks are invaluable for ensuring that proposals are well-written. AI can identify and correct language and style errors, enhancing your documents’ professionalism and credibility. AI can also assess the overall clarity, readability, and coherence of your writing.


Incorporating AI into your proposal evaluation can streamline the assessment of critical quality factors and ultimately increase your chances of winning bids and proposals.

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By Brenda Crist, Vice President at Lohfeld Consulting Group, MPA, CPP APMP Fellow

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