Continuation or rise in number of LPTA bids?

During Bob Lohfeld’s recent Bold trends in capture and proposal management webinar, part of the Lohfeld Business Winning Webinar Series, Bob presented some of the more interesting trends in capture and proposal management and discussed how these are changing the competitive landscape for companies looking to increase their win probabilities.

Bob answered a number of questions for webinar participants during and after the webinar. This blog series presents those questions and Bob’s answers.

Q: With reduced government budgets, do you foresee a continuation or rise in the number of lowest price technically acceptable (LPTA) type bids?

A: I think we will see fewer LPTA procurements used in the services side of the business—even with declining budgets—because these are bad for the government for lots of reason.

Here are some articles that I wrote in Washington Technology that discuss some of these negative features.

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Additionally, both Frank Kendall (DOD) and Joe Jordan (OFPP) are encouraging agencies to narrow the use of LPTA bids to just those bid that are for commodity purchases.

The pendulum is swinging away from LPTA bids, but this is just my opinion, and we’ll have to wait to know for sure what happens to LPTA.

Click to watch the webinar replay and download Bob’s presentation.

What’s your projection for the future of LPTA type bids? Send your thoughts to me at, and we’ll share your advice in upcoming posts!