38 must-have templates and boilerplate repository artifacts

Having managed both government and commercial proposals for 25 years as a one-person proposal shop for small to large companies, proposal center director, and proposal management consultant, I’ve developed a checklist of “standard” proposal repository templates and boilerplate I believe are vital to getting proposals out the door efficiently – and less “painfully” for organizations of all sizes.


  1. Cover letter templates
  2. Commitment letter templates
  3. Standard forms templates
  4. Teaming agreement templates
  5. Non-disclosure agreement templates
  6. Lessons-learned debrief templates
  7. Compliance matrix templates
  8. Storyboard templates
  9. Features/benefits/theme statement worksheets
  10. Capture forms
  11. Graphics logs
  12. Kick-off meeting forms and templates
  13. Color team forms and templates
  14. Pre-submission checklists
  15. Proposal team contact list templates
  16. Proposal schedule templates
  17. Resume templates
  18. Past performance templates
  19. Proposal document templates
  20. Mailing label templates
  21. Delivery receipt templates
  22. Binder covers and spines templates
  23. Divider tab sets
  24. CD labels and inserts templates

Boilerplate/data documents

  1. Awards, certifications, and accreditations
  2. Acronym lists
  3. Logos, graphics, and graphics style guide
  4. Organization charts
  5. Corporate overviews
  6. Financials
  7. Insurance certificates
  8. Management plans
  9. Transition plans
  10. Recruiting/staffing plans
  11. Compensation plans
  12. Past performance write-ups (formatted using MS Word styles)
  13. Resumes (formatted using MS Word styles)
  14. Proposal development manual and style guide

Develop a schedule for keeping these items up-to-date, and you’ll reap myriad benefits from being able to put your hands on needed materials quickly – besides reducing your proposal team’s stress levels!

What other materials do you typically maintain in your proposal repositories? Send an email to me listing your must have items, and I’ll update my list! BWingate@LohfeldConsulting.com.