Building the technical solution – the Lego effect

One of a capture and proposal team’s goals should be early translation of client requirements into a solution addressing critical client business issues. Early development of a preliminary solution allows the team to preview the proposed solution with clients to verify decisions, test alternatives, and make create awareness of information that might improve their perception of us. Previewing also allows us to gather valuable feedback to refine our detailed solution so it is client-centric and specific. Previewing may also help shape requirements that will appear in the RFP, providing us with a competitive advantage.

Building the technical solution (The Lego Effect presentation) explores proposal solutioning – what it includes, how to develop solutions, and how to use them prior to the RFP. It addresses how to build a solution leveraging subject matter experts (SME) and includes a set of questions to get SMEs focused on what is required.

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Speaker: Brooke Crouter, a Principal Consultant at Lohfeld Consulting Group, is experienced in program management and strategic leadership. She has supported competitive bids, capture strategy, offer definition, and proposal development. In addition to proposal management, she supports Lohfeld Consulting Group’s process and infrastructure improvement efforts, including crafting roadmaps to assist corporate clients improve capture and proposal processes and tools, tailoring them to each corporate culture; developing capture instructional materials; and creating and leading capture and proposal classes.

During 15 years at Booz Allen Hamilton, she managed large program teams, helped establish a competitive framework, and provided thought leadership in past-performance, designing a firm-wide past-performance database and central CPAR management process. She has a BA (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), an MS (Naval Postgraduate School), and a certificate in Strategic Studies (Naval War College).