Purchasing OrganizationArmy Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC)
Estimated Release DateApril 2024
Award Date01/2025 (estimate)
Number of Awards1 award
Period of Performance7 years
TypeFull and open competition and unrestricted (IDIQ)
NAICS541330 Engineering Services
Brief DescriptionProvides support for three climate test centers: the Yuma Test Center, Cold Regions Test Center, and the Tropic Regions Test. The centers evaluate systems, soldiers, and equipment to verify the Army’s combat capability remains viable across distinct natural environments. Tests expose performance deficiencies that artificial simulation methods fail to expose.
IncumbentTrax International Corporation, Contract Number: W9124R18C0001 Contract Expiration Date: 03/31/2025
Deltek GovWin ID#193809

Why Should You Bid?

Bidding on the Mission Test Support Services (MTSS) contract presents a valuable opportunity for contractors to expand their business and gain expertise in defense and technology services. It offers long-term financial stability, allows for the development of specialized skills, and strengthens relationships with the Army. Furthermore, it provides a chance to contribute to national defense, drive innovation, and master compliance with complex regulations, enhancing the contractor’s market reputation and competitiveness.

Requirements Overview

The contract requires the contractor to provide all the personnel, equipment, supplies, facilities, transportation, tools, materials, supervision, and other items required to perform the 12 Performance Work Statement (PWS) tasks. Table 1 describes the draft PWS requirements, risks, and challenges. To advance the offerors’ understanding of the requirements, the Army noted it would document all known future improvements and the historical level of effort in the upcoming request for proposal (RFP). Currently, the Army hasn’t released draft instructions or evaluation criteria.

Table 1: Description of Requirements, Risks, and Challenges

PWS RequirementBrief DescriptionAdditional Information and Risks
5.2 AssignmentsExecute and maintain the testing mission.Manage daily and weekly work schedules efficiently while accommodating sudden changes. Deliver minimal downtime during maintenance and repair activities while maintaining operational continuity.Deliver personnel with the technical expertise to perform a wide range of maintenance and calibration tasks for specialized equipment.
5.3 Electronic InstrumentationProvide operations and maintenance (O&M) support for electronic instrumentation systems, including telemetry, tracking radars, ballistics instrumentation, and threat systems.Maintain the reliability and precision of sophisticated electronic instrumentation systems, which require specialized technical expertise and regular maintenance. Verify the accurate and timely capture, processing, and interpretation of complex data sets from diverse testing platforms. Coordinate the integration/operation of systems in a dynamic test environment while adhering to strict safety and compliance standards.
5.4 Optical and Geodetic InstrumentationOperate and maintain optical and geodetic instrument systems, which capture and analyze spatial, geographic, and other data using various technologies.Verify the precision and accuracy of data captured by these complex systems in compliance with performance thresholds.Maintain the high-tech equipment optimally and adapt to evolving technological advancements and environments. Manage the large volume of data efficiently and securely, especially in real-time scenarios, while verifying compliance with test requirements.
5.5 Metrology OperationsPerform nondestructive testing, precise mass and material properties measurements, and operate ballistics pressure transducers.Maintain the high standards of qualifications and certifications required for personnel.Maintain sophisticated and sensitive equipment in compliance with strict guidelines. Rapid technological changes in measurement methods and equipment present an ongoing challenge to stay current and compliant.
5.6 Simulation OperationsOperate and maintain vibration and shock, as well as rough handling systems. Operate and maintain A/C, electric, and radiography systems. Conduct climatic testing.Maintain and sustain sophisticated simulation systems while verifying they remain functional and reliable in diverse test scenarios.Acquire staff who meet specific certified training and certification requirements and maintain high safety standards when handling ammunition and explosives.Maintain operational capabilities and adaptability for various test items, ranging from ordnance materials to aircraft systems.
5.7 Computation and AutomationOperate, maintain, test, and verify operational performance capabilities of the real-time Mission Control Centers and mobile mission assets. Provide IT/software administration and maintenance support.Operate and maintain real-time mission support systems requiring system and data integration among various sources.Develop, maintain, and update a wide array of IT applications while verifying they comply with U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and Army directives and operations. Verify operations meet and consistently exceed service and quality levels defined in the RFP.
5.8 Test Operations and MaintenanceOperate and maintain weapon and communication systems, including ground-based weapons, aircraft weapons, and air delivery systems. Comply with standards and provide trained and certified personnel.Perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on a wide array of military equipment, which demands high technical proficiency and the ability to meet strict turnaround times.Manage and control the inventory of parts, tools, and equipment, including the responsibility for property control functions, which pose logistical and scheduling challenges.
5.9 Ammunition Management OperationsManage and control ammunition logistics and operations. Perform ammunition assembly plant operations and conditioning chamber operations. Recover ammunition and dispose of explosive ordnance.Maintain an adherence to safety, given the risks of handling ammunition and explosives.Maintain a workforce trained and certified in Ammunition, Armaments, and Explosives (AA&E).Operate the ammunition assembly plants and execute recovery operations, including using specialized equipment and conducting hazard classification and insensitive munitions testing, which requires high operational proficiency.
5.10 Technical and Engineering ServicesProvide comprehensive technical and engineering services, including developmental staff engineering, test engineering, and test coordination.Develop innovative solutions that seamlessly interface with existing systems and mitigate integration and compatibility risks.Verify the integrity and validity of data across various projects and reports, given the diverse nature of the tasks involved.Schedule, execute, and coordinate test activities to meet milestone events and deadlines per test plans, policies, and performance standards.
5.11 Range Management OperationsProvide comprehensive technical and engineering services, including developmental staff engineering, operations test engineering, and test coordination.Verify the accuracy and integrity of data across various projects, even given the complex and technical nature of the work and tight deadlines.Develop solutions and systems that seamlessly integrate with existing military and test infrastructures, which require advanced technical knowledge and pose risks related to compatibility and interoperability.
5.12 Communications & Information Management OperationsOperate and maintain communications and information management systems. Maintain, install, and repair telecommunications systems. Manage visual information services, networks, and the IT infrastructure.Manage complex and diverse telecommunications systems and verify compatibility with current and future integrated systems.Verify the cybersecurity of IT networks and systems, particularly in the context of handling sensitive or classified information.Maintain efficient operational response times for installation, maintenance, and repair tasks, especially for time-sensitive issues like network malfunctions or communication system failures.
5.13 Data Acquisition and ManagementObserve, record, and manage an array of test operation data, ensuring adherence to specified formats and quality standards.Efficiently integrate and manage data from diverse sources while maintaining consistency and reliability in data handling and storage.Meet strict deadlines for data processing and report generation, especially for critical test incident reports.Maintain high levels of technical expertise and training in handling specialized data acquisition and processing tools.
5.14 Cold Regions Test Center (CRTC) SupportPerform all the same services at CRTC as at Yuma Proving Group (YPG). Provide equipment operation for the setup and teardown of test tracks and sites as required.The requirements and risks encompass the same as those for the YPG, as described above; however, the testing and operations are conducted in a cold climate testing region.

Staffing Requirements

The draft RFP requires three key personnel: the Program Manager, the Alternate Program Manager, and the Safety Manager. Offerors who expect high scores for their key personnel will have personnel who exceed the experience, education, and skill requirements and demonstrate their ability to accomplish PWS requirements in a similar operating environment.

  • At a minimum, the Program and Alternate Program Manager must have a bachelor of science degree in engineering, physics, or equivalent technical field and graduate studies in business or technical field or equivalent experience. They must have 15 years or more of experience managing a workforce of 100+ involved in a government contracting and test engineering environment. They must be skilled managers with experience in maintaining a skilled and motivated workforce and delegating responsibilities.
  • At a minimum, the Safety Manager Must have a BS in a safety-related safety/environmental field or equivalent applied field experience within safety and quality control aspects. The Safety Manager will have relevant training and certifications, i.e., OSHA 10 and 30 General and Construction, Hazwoper. In addition, the Safety Manager must have experience with the operations and maintenance of military equipment such as weapons and vehicles. Knowledge of OSHA, DOT, and NFPA Regulations and 3 to 5 years of experience in demanding and diversified safety is needed.

The draft RFP also has numerous requirements for non-key personnel’s education, training, and certification.

Small Business Participation Requirement

The government’s proposed minimum small business participation requirement is 30% of the total contract value. Within that 30%, the government expects the following allotment:

  • Small Disadvantaged Businesses (SDB) at 15%;
  • Women-Owned Small Businesses (WOSB) at 20%;
  • HUBZone at 10%;
  • Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (VOSB) at 35%; and
  • Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Smal Business (SDVOSB) 20%.

Timeline and Next Steps

Table 2 presents the bid’s timeline. Given that the final RFP is set for release on April 1, 2024 all offerors should be busy preparing their draft responses.

Table 2: Timeline

12/06/2023Industry Day/Site Visit/Conference
12/13/2023Questions/Comments Due
01/26/2024Questions and Answers
02/05/2024Questions/Comments Due
04/01/2024Solicitation Release (confirmed by Contracting Officer on 01/25/2024)
05/09/2024Proposals Due (confirmed by Contracting Officer on 01/25/2024)


The MTSS contract presents a substantial opportunity for contractors to engage in a significant project with the Army Test and Evaluation Command. This contract offers substantial financial rewards and the chance to contribute to vital national defense initiatives, encompassing a wide range of technical, engineering, and operational support tasks across various testing environments.

However, potential contractors must be prepared to navigate the complexities of managing diverse technical requirements, stringent compliance standards, and the logistical challenges inherent in a contract of this scope and significance. As the procurement process progresses, the readiness to address these challenges will be crucial for any contractor aiming to secure and execute this high-value contract successfully.

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