AI-Powered Excellence: Lohfeld’s Proposal Development Game-Changer


Artificial intelligence (AI) tools have the potential to transform the world of bid and proposal (B&P) professionals, offering a gateway to improved efficiency and heightened success rates. However, the key to achieving this transformation lies in harnessing AI properly, as misuse can lead to generic proposals that sabotage your chances of winning, all while depleting precious B&P funds.

Lohfeld Consulting created its Generative AI Proposal Development Center (GenAI PDC) in response to this challenge. Our solution makes AI your ally, not your adversary, in the pursuit of winning bids. Our research predicts that by 2024, half of all government contractors will leverage AI to enhance their win probabilities, while governmental bodies will employ AI to evaluate proposals.

Overview of Lohfeld’s GenAI PDC

Lohfeld’s GenAI PDC is your gateway to efficient AI implementation and optimal return on investment (ROI). Our comprehensive platform offers a secure environment, leading AI platforms and tools, expert oversight, and invaluable training. It’s backed by a team of 150+ business-winning proposal experts, all well-versed in implementing AI Enterprise platforms. Here’s a summary of the exceptional features Lohfeld GenAI PDC offers.

1. Implement AI in a secure environment

When you become a tenant in our GenAI PDC, you gain access to a segregated virtual workspace that houses private AI platforms. Importantly, these platforms DO NOT train on your data nor share it with external sources. Your company’s invaluable data can be safely uploaded and managed within your private data library, preventing potential data leakage to or from other tenant workspaces.

2. Select a private Enterprise AI Platform that meets your budget and needs

Our GenAI PDC offers a choice of private data and enterprise-level AI platforms—and the requisite supporting tools. We are committed to helping you make informed decisions by walking you through a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of these platforms.

  • Procurement Sciences AI Platform: Offers a cloud-based AI platform that we can provide in 24 hours and will securely hold your company’s proprietary data.
  • Azure OpenAI Service: A Microsoft on-our-premise solution that securely accesses your company’s proprietary data stored in our SharePoint directory in Microsoft Azure.

3. Build your private data library

Our Content Management Team works with you to review and manage your company’s private data. We’ll help you organize, manage, and tag your data, add new artifacts, and retire data. We’ll also help you verify that each artifact is:

  • Selected for its relevance to your business-winning process
  • Curated to remove extraneous information
  • Parsed to organize the content better
  • Tagged properly for AI access
  • Uploaded to your secure private data library

4. Create your AI-assisted Knowledge Management System (KMS)

With a well-developed private data library, your AI platform becomes your company’s new KMS. This system enables you to query using conversational, natural language, eliminating the need for traditional SQL databases. It’s more effective and less resource-intensive, making it easier to maintain.

5. Accelerate the adoption of AI to win new business

Let our team build and help you create an AI adoption roadmap, reskill your workforce, and accelerate your company’s transformation. To fast-track projects, we provide:

  • An Engagement Success Manager to accelerate your company’s use of a GenAI Enterprise platform for business-winning
  • An AI-trained Proposal Manager to work with and train your team to use AI tools
  • Access to our Lohfeld Proprietary Prompt Library for Proposal Professionals and Prompt Engineering Guide
  • Access to our Lohfeld Chatbot for advice on best practices for creating winning proposals
  • Access to our consulting team of 150+ AI-trained professionals who can help you build winning proposals and who average 20 years of relevant experience


If you want to learn more about AI, click to download Lohfeld’s Prompt Engineering Lessons-Learned Report. If you want more information about implementing Lohfeld Consulting’s GenAI PDC, contact Bob Lohfeld at

By Brenda Crist, Vice President at Lohfeld Consulting Group, MPA, CPP APMP Fellow

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