7 Tips for Saving Time and Money Using Generative AI


In business, every moment and resource counts. Companies continually seek ways to enhance efficiency and quality while minimizing costs, so when innovative tools emerge that promise to expedite operations, assessing their cost-effectiveness is wise. This holds for bid and proposal (B&P) budgets, where companies must make calculated decisions about integrating artificial intelligence (AI) platforms and tools into their processes. One such AI platform is Procurement Sciences AI, specifically designed to streamline B&P lifecycle activities without breaking the bank.

In this blog, we explore seven ways AI can save you time and improve the quality of your proposals.

Benefit 1: Expedite information collection

Large Language Models (LLMs) powered by AI can quickly comb through extensive information repositories. They can efficiently extract and organize data in your preferred format and even provide concise summaries of relevant articles and their key findings. Additionally, LLMs can serve as collaborative thinking partners and aid in idea refinement.

Benefit 2: Support bid/no bid decisions

AI tools can help make well-informed bid decisions. They assist in analyzing opportunities, calculating win probability, and conducting comprehensive competitor analyses, ensuring you invest your resources wisely.

Benefit 3: Extract requirements from requests for proposals (RFPs)

Using AI tools to extract RFP requirements minimizes the risk of missing critical details. These tools can help you verify that your proposals align perfectly with client expectations—enhancing your chances of success.

Benefit 4: Analyze RFPs and formulate questions

AI tools possess data-crunching capabilities that extend to analyzing RFPs. They can help formulate precise questions for clarification, ensuring your comprehensive understanding of RFP requirements.

Benefit 5: Turn ideas into text

Have brilliant ideas but struggle to put them into words? AI tools can bridge the gap. You can input your thoughts, and the AI tool can give you a starting point for your first draft, giving life to your concepts.

Benefit 6: Support compliance reviews

AI-driven compliance checks offer an additional layer of assurance. They verify that your proposal complies with all client requirements and guidelines, guarding against costly oversights that could jeopardize your bid.

Benefit 7: Improve writing and eliminate errors

Meticulous proofreading is a hallmark of professional proposals. AI-powered grammar and syntax checks ensure your documents are error-free, improving their quality. Moreover, they can assist in text compression to reduce page count without sacrificing substance.


Incorporating AI into your B&P toolkit isn’t just about saving time—it’s about elevating the caliber of your proposals and optimizing your B&P funds to maximize your win rate.

By Brenda Crist, Vice President at Lohfeld Consulting Group, MPA, CPP APMP Fellow

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Brenda Crist