Are You Ready for the DOE CBOSS 2.0 RFI and Bid?

Facts At-a-Glance

NameCIO Business Operations Support Services 2 (CBOSS 2)
AgencyU.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)
Period of performance5 years
Request for Information (RFI) Released09/01/23
Industry DayPer the RFI, responses may lead to one-on-one market research discussions and other forms of industry engagement
Request for Proposal (RFP)12/23 (estimate)
Value$10B, per the RFI released on 09/01/23
Contract typeBlanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)
NAICS541512 Computer Systems Design Services
Competition typeUndetermined, per the RFI released on 09/01/2023
Competition vehicleUndetermined, the current BPA was awarded under the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MSA)
Number of winnersUndetermined
Award dateApril 2024 (estimate)
Incumbents89303019AIM000005, a Contracting Teaming Arrangement (CTA) partnership including Accenture PLC, General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT), SAIC, and Red River

CBOSS 2 Overview

CBOSS 2.0 provides DOE OCIO with a contract to outsource information technology (IT) services across DOE. While the OCIO is the primary user of the CBOSS 2.0 BPA, the contract provides services to DOE enterprise customers using a cost-recovery model. The RFI provides a high-level summary of CBOSS 2.0 requirements, summarized in Table 1 below. Refer to the draft Master Scope of Work (SOW) for a 61-page description of CBOSS 2.0 requirements.

Table 1: CBOSS 2.0 RFI Requirements Overview

RFI ReferenceTitleDescription
1.0General IT SupportDeliver a broad range of services from program management and IT strategy to application support and infrastructure services. These services include database administration, website development, system engineering and integration, DevOps, enterprise architecture, software delivery lifecycle, asset management, and direct material purchasing.
2.0CybersecurityDefine and implement security strategies and compliance frameworks supporting DOE’s cyber operations to develop and maintain an agency-wide cyber and information security program. These services include cyber strategy, program management, analysis and reporting, awareness and training, application and network security, automation, continuous monitoring, information assurance, and risk management.
3.0Infrastructure and Shared ServicesProvide printing devices and IT services within a managed seat service environment. These services encompass cloud-managed service, core UC video teleconferencing and IP voice, Office 365, service operations, and maintenance.
4.0TelecommunicationsSupport mobile communication services and devices, audio conferencing, analog voice communications, IP voice services, web conferencing, video teleconferencing, and mobile devices for existing end-user environments and mainframe-based applications.
5.0Technology Strategy and InnovationImprove the efficiency and delivery of IT services and solutions by supporting special studies and analysis, emerging technologies and methodologies, process engineering, and future vision strategy. Provide digital strategy, customer innovations, change management, and rapid prototyping.


Table 2 contains the estimated timeline for the RFP release and award.

Table 2: Timeline

09/01/2023RFI released and Draft Statement of Work (SOW) published
09/22/2023Responses due
12/2023RFP release date (estimated)
03/2024Award date

Cost and Challenges to Bid

Table 3 briefly describes the challenges associated with the bid.

Table 3: Challenges to Bid CBOSS 2.0

ChallengeExplanation of challenge
Cost to CompeteThe cost to compete on this $10B contract will likely be extremely high. Many companies spend .05% to 2% of the overall value of a contract on capture and proposal costs.
Expansive ScopeThe bid encompasses a wide range of IT services, from general IT support to cybersecurity, infrastructure, telecommunications, and technology strategy. Developing and providing exceptional expertise across all these areas in projects comparable to the DOE environment is challenging.
Incumbent AdvantageThe existing CBOSS BPA has already been awarded to a Contracting Teaming Arrangement (CTA) partnership, giving them an advantage in understanding DOE’s needs and preferences.
Intense CompetitionGiven the substantial value of the DOE OCIO Business Operation Support Services (CBOSS) BPA ($10B), there will likely be intense competition from well-established companies and incumbent contractors.
Key PersonnelWhile the lift for key personnel is small (the draft Master Scope of Work only requires three key people), DOE will expect exceptional candidates whose credentials for the Program Manager, Performance Manager, and Financial Manager meet and consistently exceed all labor category requirements.
Large ScaleThe DOE enterprise comprises 79 entities across 27 states, each with unique IT needs. Tailoring solutions to this vast and diverse landscape is a challenge.
Mission AlignmentEnsuring that the proposal aligns with DOE’s mission needs in the most effective, efficient, and economical manner is a critical challenge that requires a deep understanding of the agency’s goals and plans for modernization.
Regulatory ComplianceMeeting the compliance and regulatory requirements specific to DOE’s IT operations can be complex and may require specialized knowledge.
Socio-Economic Status and Size StandardsMeeting the socio-economic status and size standards will be necessary on such a large bid. If DOE decides to use a full and open competition type, large businesses must provide a responsible small business strategy.
Unclear Acquisition StrategyDOE has not finalized its acquisition strategy, which adds uncertainty to the bid process, making it challenging for proposal developers to align their approach.


While CBOSS 2.0 offers significant opportunities, it also presents several impressive challenges. Offerors must be prepared to address these challenges effectively to secure a successful bid. This necessitates a comprehensive understanding of DOE’s requirements, strong partnerships, and a high-scoring proposal demonstrating expertise and alignment with the agency’s mission.

By Brenda Crist, Vice President at Lohfeld Consulting Group, MPA, CPP APMP Fellow

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