Emerging Trends in Bids and Proposals

Given our recent corporate experience and tips we picked up at the APMP Bid & Proposal Conference (BPC), we find that companies can increase their return on investment (ROI) in bid and proposal (B&P) spending and increase their win rates by adapting strategies to meet the trends detailed below:

#TrendImpact of TrendCall to Action
Customer Focus Trends
1Personalization and understandingCustomers buy from companies that fully understand their requirements, priorities, schedules, and risk toleranceIncrease customer intimacy
2Focus on resultsCustomers want descriptions of your company’s results using quantitative/qualitative terms and proof pointsDepict and substantiate all results
3Increased visualizationCustomers want succinct proposals that are easy to read and score and visuals that accelerate their review and comprehensionDesign your proposal formats and visuals early
4Increased oral proposalsCustomers want to see and hear you present oral proposals that are concise and visually appealingGet resources to plan and present oral proposals
Technology Trends
5Artificial Intelligence (AI)AI increases bid efficiency, reduces bid costs, and increases bids produced per capitaIntegrate AI into your tech stack
6Integration of B&P technologyIntegration increases bid efficiency, transparency, and visualization capabilitiesIncrease tool integration
7Data-driven decision makingData management tools increase insight into performance and analytics and support better decision-makingUse tools for making data-driven decisions
Bid and Proposal Process and Management Trends
8Speed to writeAI tools and automation increase previous benchmarks for writing speedAdjust budgets and schedules
9Decrease in capture completenessThe percentage of capture completed before RFP release is <50%, with many capture activities defaulting to the proposal manager based on data from 3 recent surveysProvide the time and resources to capture bids
Workplace Trends
10Flexible work environments and schedulesBid and proposal staff require flexible work schedulesAdapt HR policies
11Focus on professional developmentGiven today’s changing environments, bid and professional professionals expect routine access to training and certification programsAdapt HR training policies

In summary, to adapt to changes in customer expectations, technology, processes, and workplace attitudes, companies must implement policies that support their ability to pivot at the speed of change in the industry.

By Brenda Crist, Vice President at Lohfeld Consulting Group, MPA, CPP APMP Fellow

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