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REPLAY: Jacob Bertram discusses consolidating Multiple Award Schedules and GWACS

Jacob Bertram, Principal Consultant with Lohfeld Consulting Group and former Contracts Director at GSA

Originally broadcast and published on Government Matters on August 18, 2020. Combining Multiple Award Schedules and Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts The General Services Administration is working to streamline the government contracting process. The ultimate goal is to have a single solicitation for multiple award contracts. Jacob Bertram, consultant at Lohfeld Consulting Group, believes the innovative solution lies in merging the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) program and Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs). Bertram explains that the recipe for success could be the marriage of the “best of both worlds,” by combining the best features of the successful MAS program and GWACs. The top benefits from GWACs would include flexible contract types such as fixed price and cost reimbursement. MAS program benefits range from an easy on-ramping process to commercial solutions. The combination of the successful aspects of both MAS and different GWAC programs could lead to a new program focused on quality assurance, simplicity … Continue reading REPLAY: Jacob Bertram discusses consolidating Multiple Award Schedules and GWACS

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Your proposal is not a story

The typical evaluator is not looking to read every page.

Many proposal practitioners think that a proposal is a story, with a beginning, a middle and an end. They assume that the Government evaluator will read the proposal like a novel, from the Executive Summary through the Appendices. Many proposal professionals think that they should avoid repeating important information because that may create redundancy. In addition, to save page real estate, proposal writers often extensively cross reference other proposal sections instead of writing fully to the requirements. Evaluators Search the Proposal When we write a proposal like a story, we overlook how Government evaluators actually review and score our proposals. Government evaluators use a scoresheet based on the evaluation factors to check the proposal for compliance and to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Deficiencies and Risks to justify a final score or rating. To achieve a better than “Acceptable” rating, a proposal must be rich in discriminating Strengths that outbalance any Weaknesses … Continue reading Your proposal is not a story

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Let’s merge schedules and GWACs to create something really innovative

Combining the best features into a new program focused on simplicity, technology, and commercial practices

This article was originally published on August 3, 2020 on The Multiple Award Schedule program is arguably one of the most efficient contract vehicles ever developed by the federal government. The longevity of the program is a testament to the innovation and the speed to market. As the program is not designed for complex needs spanning multiple disciplines, GSA brought those capabilities to market with various government-wide acquisition contract programs. In the current form, there are the MAS and GWAC programs that serve unique purposes. GSA’s gone through great lengths to simplify MAS — the single schedule has potential to significantly streamline acquisition as a single contract vehicle. As many benefits as MAS provides, it’s not without challenges: namely, the inflexibility of priced products and labor categories, labor category descriptions, and outdated price reductions clause. Many GWACs solve these challenges, yet the ability to be added to a contract … Continue reading Let’s merge schedules and GWACs to create something really innovative

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How to Win with Risk

Mine these diamonds and you will increase your win rate

I recently attended a conference where an important government technology leader said to industry, “Please don’t come to my office and ask me what is keeping me awake at night! It shows me you don’t understand me or my organization.” He went on to explain that there are lots of things that keep him up at night. His job was to find solutions to those problems. His office puts out plenty of information about their issues and challenges. So, if you want a meeting with him, bring ideas that will deal with the risks so he can succeed. When proposing solutions in government acquisitions, it is important to do your homework and embrace risk as part of your solution. Many companies avoid discussing risk at all. Part of the reason for this is that the government’s requirements address the risks that concern the government; therefore, they do not need to … Continue reading How to Win with Risk

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