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Contracting under a Trump administration

Larry Allen, Nick Wakeman, and Lisa Pafe weigh in with Mark Amtower

Listen to Larry Allen, Lisa Pafe, and Nick Wakeman discuss issues facing government contractors during the presidential transition with Mark Amtower on “Amtower Off Center”. Discussion topics include IT modernization, continuing resolution, key appointments, impacts of a hiring freeze, and immigration reform. Click to listen to the show on Federal News Radio Connect with Lisa Pafe on LinkedIn

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4 market trends and 20 federal contracts vendors should know about in 2017

Federal News Radio

IT modernization and category management are the next big federal opportunities. That’s according to Lisa Pafe, Vice President of Lohfeld Consulting Group. “The next administration will shape the future of IT,” she said during a Lohfeld business webinar on Nov. 2. “Another big trend for 2017 that we’re continuing to see is category management,” she said. Read more about the trends and 20 top opportunities we identified and analyzed in David Thornton’s article on Federal News Radio’s website.

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Bidding to win – Bob Lohfeld on Amtower Off Center

Mark Amtower interviews Bob Lohfeld on bidding to win, DOD and civilian contracting, and more

“Amtower Off Center” host Mark Amtower interviews Lohfeld Consulting Group CEO Bob Lohfeld on the state of the market and bidding to win. Click to listen to the interview Their discussion topics include: DOD and civilian spending, 2011 versus 2016 IT spending in the same period The trend toward contract consolidation and why companies need to win MACs and GWACs What it takes to win, including Lohfeld Consulting Group’s seven facets of a winning proposal (read more and download Lohfeld Consulting Group’s seven quality measures) DOD’s memorandum regarding Source Selection Procedures (read more and download) The role of digital content in positioning your company The use of “automated capture management” solutions Mark Amtower – Hosted by nationally known speaker and consultant Mark Amtower, “Amtower Off-Center” highlights the good, the bad, the ugly, and the just plain silly of doing business in the government market. Every week experts join Mark for … Continue reading Bidding to win – Bob Lohfeld on Amtower Off Center

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The road ahead for contractors in 2016

“Amtower Off Center” host Mark Amtower interviews Bob Lohfeld and Paul Murphy

“Amtower Off Center” host Mark Amtower interviews Bob Lohfeld, CEO of Lohfeld Consulting Group and Paul Murphy, Senior Data Analyst with Bloomberg Government on issues facing the contracting community in 2016. Click to listen. Topics include: Budgets for civilian and defense The ten-year GWAC cycle Category management Squeezing margins on professional services and more.  

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