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5 strategies to get your team performing…and winning

Productivity is getting maximum results for time and effort expended. For business development, capture, and proposal professionals, maximum results provide a greater number of qualified bids and/or bid-related activities, increased quality, and decreased error (non-compliance)—all resulting in more wins. Yet most companies are content with a win rate of no more than 50%. On one of my favorite Mad Men episodes, aptly named Commissions and Fees, Don Draper says “You’re happy with 50%? …I won’t settle for 50% of anything. I want 100%.” Clearly, we can’t achieve a 100% win rate except perhaps in our dreams, but we can expect and demand 100% productivity. Everyone is facing tight budgets and more and more competition. We simply cannot afford unproductive teams that decrease our win probability, waste time and money, and result in proposal losses. Educator and psychologist Bruce Tuckman defined the 5 stages that all teams experience: Forming, Storming, Norming. … Continue reading 5 strategies to get your team performing…and winning

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How to stop the endless cycle of color reviews? Ask Proposal Doctor

A vicious cycle that leaves everyone exhausted and demoralized

Dear Proposal Doctor, How can we stop the seemingly endless cycle of color reviews? My capture manager forces the pink and red reviews way too early in the schedule and then adds multiple review cycles that leave everyone exhausted and demoralized. After pink, we have the rose review. After the red review, we have the wine review, the magenta review, and so forth. The writers give up because they know that no matter what they do, they will be forced into another review cycle. The capture manager justifies the additional reviews by pointing to the poor quality of the proposal at any given point. It’s a vicious cycle that I cannot seem to break. What to do? –Colorblind Dear Colorblind, This question is so old that it is practically a point of proposal management theology. Let’s start with the basic principle that any piece of writing needs a review by … Continue reading How to stop the endless cycle of color reviews? Ask Proposal Doctor

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A look back at 2014 and a look ahead to 2015

Amtower Off Center – featuring Larry Allen and Bob Lohfeld

Host Mark Amtower interviews Larry Allen, and Bob Lohfeld on the big issues from 2014 and what will be big in 2015 on “Amtower Off Center.” Topics include: 2014 as the year of the layfoff for BD, capture, and proposal professionals DoD budget squeeze and the rise of civilian spending Budget reductions bottoming out? LPTA blowback? The unintended consequences of small business success (win too much, graduate, then lose your contracts) OFPP’s Anne Rung’s three-prong plan Click to listen now!

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Q&A Part 2 from The end of the incumbent empire – 10 ways to unseat the incumbent

Lohfeld Business Winning Webinar Q&A

In the past several years, incumbents have lost their advantage in the Federal Government market. Industry studies show that incumbent contractors now have approximately the same win rate on rebids as non-incumbents. Rapid technological change, as well as fiscal constraints, mean that customers are more willing to consider alternatives. Still, winning a bid against an incumbent contractor is a challenge because best informed wins, and the incumbent is still the best informed. In this webinar, Lisa Pafe, CPP APMP and Lohfeld Consulting Group Principal Consultant, provides 10 proven best practices to create a competitive edge over the incumbent in today’s changing environment. Click to watch the webinar replay and download the presentation and research brief. (Look for Part 2 of The End of the Incumbent Empire: Remaining as Incumbent in the next couple of months.) Here is Part 2 of the questions we received during the webinar with answers from Lisa Pafe. … Continue reading Q&A Part 2 from The end of the incumbent empire – 10 ways to unseat the incumbent

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