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How well did government contractors do in 2013?

Lohfeld Consulting Group and Market Connections survey results

Before this year fades from memory, I thought it would be instructive to take a look back at 2013 and examine how well, or not well, government contractors did in terms of revenue growth. You will recall that this past year, companies had to endure almost all the downside trauma that government can throw at them—budget delays, budget cuts, sequestration, a shutdown, and non-stop uncertainty. All of these actions caused procurements to slip to the right, and in some instances, be cancelled. Because of this turmoil, only 15 percent of government contractors made it through the year with an uptick in sales, and the rest found their sales flat or declining rapidly. To get a handle on the details, we joined with Market Connections, a market research firm, and jointly polled 220 government contractors to learn how their sales turned out in calendar year 2013. We asked respondents to tell … Continue reading How well did government contractors do in 2013?

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