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50 Words and Phrases to Use in Resumes

Customers look for candidates, who understand their work, and possess the skills to help them achieve their objectives and overcome challenges. Customers also look for candidates, who have achieved recognition… Continue reading 50 Words and Phrases to Use in Resumes

[Webinar replay available] Resumes for the Proposal Win (Expert tips to turn people into scoreable Strengths) | Lohfeld Business Winning Webinar

Proposal professionals often give little thought to resumes beyond compliance. Yet, resumes can highlight and prove discriminating Strengths.

Learn how to polish resumes, turn your personnel into the heroes of your proposal stories, and create persuasive evidence of your solution Strengths.

Resumes for the Win

Resumes are the least appreciated proposal section. Proposal Managers often delegate resume writing to inexperienced writers. Writers create resumes without understanding how to interview the proposed key or non-key personnel… Continue reading Resumes for the Win