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Proposal production across the business development life cycle – phase 5 (Part 6 of 6)

In her previous post (Part 5 of 6), Briana Coleman, PPM.APMP discussed the key activities involved in Phase 4 of the typical business development (BD) life cycle: Phase 1 Opportunity identification and assessment Phase 2 Pursuit Phase 3 Pre-proposal preparation Phase 4 Proposal development Phase 5 Post-submittal In this post, Briana discusses the key production activities that you should perform in the final phase—Phase 5 Post-submittal. 1. Archive and shred! The production life cycle creates a lot of artifacts—both electronic and hard copy. Don’t forget to shred all versions of your proposal that you don’t need, and archive the ones you do. Create a central place in your office or on a network to store final proposals for in-house use or reference. Archive or delete versions of graphics in a place that is easily accessed by your graphic artists later. This may include putting a slug number on each graphic … Continue reading Proposal production across the business development life cycle – phase 5 (Part 6 of 6)

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13 must-have data elements for proposal resume templates

Over the years, I’ve developed a proposal resume contents template that combines requested resume contents from hundreds of government requests for proposals (RFP). Here are the items I typically include in a master resume – which can then be cut down and tailored as needed. Full name Education (degree, major, school) Years of related experience (e.g., software development, project management – whatever the employee’s core skills include) Security clearance (with pertinent details) Professional experience (title, company, location, dates position held) Position description   (with pertinent details) Certifications (with pertinent details) Publications (with pertinent details) Professional associations (with pertinent details) Continuing education (with pertinent details) Awards (with pertinent details) Software/hardware experience (with pertinent details) Any other categories relevant to your industry/niche marketplace Additionally, I always format the master resumes using MS Word styles for tailoring quickly to RFP specifications. I also set up a regular schedule (typically once to twice a year) … Continue reading 13 must-have data elements for proposal resume templates

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38 must-have templates and boilerplate repository artifacts

Having managed both government and commercial proposals for 25 years as a one-person proposal shop for small to large companies, proposal center director, and proposal management consultant, I’ve developed a checklist of “standard” proposal repository templates and boilerplate I believe are vital to getting proposals out the door efficiently – and less “painfully” for organizations of all sizes. Templates Cover letter templates Commitment letter templates Standard forms templates Teaming agreement templates Non-disclosure agreement templates Lessons-learned debrief templates Compliance matrix templates Storyboard templates Features/benefits/theme statement worksheets Capture forms Graphics logs Kick-off meeting forms and templates Color team forms and templates Pre-submission checklists Proposal team contact list templates Proposal schedule templates Resume templates Past performance templates Proposal document templates Mailing label templates Delivery receipt templates Binder covers and spines templates Divider tab sets CD labels and inserts templates Boilerplate/data documents Awards, certifications, and accreditations Acronym lists Logos, graphics, and graphics style guide … Continue reading 38 must-have templates and boilerplate repository artifacts

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