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Fiscal 2019 Top 20 Contracting Opportunities: BGOV Report

The report covers contracts worth a total of about $130.9 billion

Bloomberg Government has released a list of the 20 leading contracting opportunities for the fiscal year that begins October 1. The report covers contracts worth a total of about $130.9 billion for which a final request for proposal is likely by the close of fiscal 2019. –Click Here for the Fiscal 2019 Top 20 Opportunities Slides– BGOV analyst Daniel Snyder, BGOV account manager Courtney O’Connell, and featured guest Bob Lohfeld, chairman of the board of Lohfeld Consulting Group, discussed the opportunities in a webinar on September 25, 2018. Highlights of the report and webinar: In fiscal 2019, there are 13 contracts totaling $74.8 billion for information technology and seven programs totaling $26.7 billion for professional services. There are 15 opportunities with civilian agencies in fiscal 2019, which is a significant shift from the eight civilian and 12 defense opportunities, that were featured last year in the fiscal 2018 top 20 … Continue reading Fiscal 2019 Top 20 Contracting Opportunities: BGOV Report

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Q&A – Doing more with less – and winning more! Part 1

The typical company spends on average 10% of their revenue target on Bids and Proposals (B&P). Risks that increase the B&P budget include poor bid decisions, an immature solution, insufficient training and tools, large review teams producing comments that are not actionable, and lack of executive support. With constrained budgets and increased competition for smaller work share, contractors cannot afford to waste B&P dollars. Lohfeld Consulting Group’s Principal Consultants Brenda Crist, CPF APMP, and Lisa Pafe, CPP APMP, recently presented an interactive webinar, Doing more with less – and winning more, which highlighted how to increase productivity and win rates. Click to view the webinar replay and download the presentation. Here are some questions submitted by webinar participants and the answers Lisa and Brenda provided. Q:  Budgets are established without good planning inputs – how do you address this? A:  Start comparing actuals to budgets containing poor quality data immediately, … Continue reading Q&A – Doing more with less – and winning more! Part 1

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Don’t make these mistakes – 7 proposal staffing lessons learned

Every time history repeats itself, the price goes up. (Attributed to various people) As promised, here are some of my top proposal section-specific lessons learned over the past 25 years managing and submitting thousands of proposals and task order responses. This list is not all-inclusive. These are highlights – and easily avoided problem areas where I’ve seen plenty of proposal teams fall needlessly short. Like anything else in proposal management, significant pre-RFP planning goes a long way towards improving your win probability. When developing your proposal’s staffing section: Identify key staff early—preferably long before solicitation release so you can get resumes updated when you’re not under pressure. Key staff should be subject matter experts (SME), current employees, and not committed 100% to another effort or more than 100% overall among several efforts! Limit the number of subcontractor employees versus prime contractor employees in the staffing section – especially in top-level … Continue reading Don’t make these mistakes – 7 proposal staffing lessons learned

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2-Step process for finalizing your proposal solution

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. –Albert Einstein During the Pursuit Phase, your Capture Team should have developed a solution that addresses your client’s needs and provides a clear basis for award. The Capture Team continually refined and tested this solution with the client during the Pre-proposal Preparation Phase all the way up to final RFP release. With significant effort directed at the solution during these phases, it is important to spend time immediately after final RFP release and before conducting the kick-off meeting to review the proposed solution against the final RFP contents, make any necessary adjustments to finalize your solution, and ensure that your team is ready to start final proposal development. Review the requirements in the final RFP to determine if the implementation plan, price strategies, teaming relationships, technical feasibility, and cost competitiveness you developed during the Pre-proposal Preparation Phase address … Continue reading 2-Step process for finalizing your proposal solution

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