2-Step process for finalizing your proposal solution

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. –Albert Einstein

During the Pursuit Phase, your Capture Team should have developed a solution that addresses your client’s needs and provides a clear basis for award. The Capture Team continually refined and tested this solution with the client during the Pre-proposal Preparation Phase all the way up to final RFP release.

With significant effort directed at the solution during these phases, it is important to spend time immediately after final RFP release and before conducting the kick-off meeting to review the proposed solution against the final RFP contents, make any necessary adjustments to finalize your solution, and ensure that your team is ready to start final proposal development.

Review the requirements in the final RFP to determine if the implementation plan, price strategies, teaming relationships, technical feasibility, and cost competitiveness you developed during the Pre-proposal Preparation Phase address the client’s needs as you understand them based on your capture efforts. Conduct this activity for all bids, regardless of size, complexity, or turnaround time.

This is a 2-step process.

  1. Evaluate your solution against the final RFP
  2. Adjust the compliance matrix, writing plan (annotated outline/storyboards), and solution graphics as necessary

Any issues identified must be resolved or mitigated before moving forward to finalizing your writing plan (annotated outline/storyboards) and conducting the Blue Team.

By the Lohfeld Consulting Group Team


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