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Category management: change is coming!

General Services Administration (GSA) category management initiatives are posing real risks to the federal contracting community, yet many companies are uneducated and unprepared for imminent change. Bloomberg Government estimates that $1.2 trillion in contracts are at risk of being consolidated into new categories of Multiple Award Contracts (MACs). Led by the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP), GSA and other agencies will group products and services into 19 new categories, crossing both civilian and defense agencies. From the government perspective, category management will save time and money and help achieve best value. Why should you care and prepare? Because contracts that are set to expire in the next few years will most likely be procured under new categories. That means that your current siloed, duplicative incumbent contracts will disappear, and your company must therefore bid and win new consolidated MACs in order to survive and thrive. What can you do to prepare? Educate … Continue reading Category management: change is coming!

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Capture and proposal innovations: Heed the law of physics

A law of physics states that “an object at rest tends to remain at rest, and an object in motion tends to remain in motion.” Scientists call this tendency inertia. The same holds true for our professional growth. When we do the same thing day after day, our aspirations wither on the vine. When you enable stagnation by remaining at rest, you end up making yourself and those around you miserable. Are you stuck in your cubicle or war room staring at the four walls and wondering how to ignite fresh career growth? So many of us think that being a great capture or proposal professional involves a lot of time at the office. We tell ourselves that now isn’t the right time to try something new, that we’re too busy to find time to work out, much less explore new career avenues. Somehow, it’s never the right time to … Continue reading Capture and proposal innovations: Heed the law of physics

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Bigger is better!

APMP-NCA Chapter offers increased opportunities for networking and education

I recently returned from the largest gathering of capture and proposal professionals in the world: APMP Bid and Proposal Con 2015 in Seattle, WA. Capture and proposal professionals – be they managers, coordinators, analysts, writers, SMEs, pricing experts, graphic designers, desktop publishers – work in one of the most time and compliance-sensitive fields. The stress can be palpable. So, it was truly invigorating to gather with 726 colleagues to share war stories, lessons learned, and best practices as well as recognize accomplishments with APMP Chapter awards. When you join APMP as a member, you affiliate with a Chapter. The APMP-National Capital Area (NCA) is the biggest in the U.S. and as such offers the best opportunities. You don’t have to be local to Washington, DC-Maryland-Virginia to affiliate with APMP-NCA. We have members spanning the country. Why? Because as the biggest Chapter in the nation, we offer in-person and virtual programs, networking, professional development, and educational opportunities that … Continue reading Bigger is better!

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Win Lab recap

2014 APMP-NCA Mid-Atlantic Conference

At the 2014 APMP-NCA Mid-Atlantic Conference, Brenda Crist presented a fun and fast-paced program in which participants served as different members of the bid team to prepare the compliance matrix, collect information from the customer, form ad hoc partnerships, develop features and benefits, respond to a new amendment, conduct a color team review, and score a mini proposal. The difference with this lab is that it started with the last step in the proposal process – the information the source selection evaluation board is likely to recommend to the source selection authority for contract award. The lab showed how students can start with the end game to develop high-scoring proposals. Students took away practical processes for developing high-scoring proposals, methods for mitigating risks that come through during the lab, and tips for saving bid and proposal time and money. They acted as business developers to collect information from the customers, … Continue reading Win Lab recap

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