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Is OASIS+ for you?

OASIS+ presents a great opportunity for any company, large or small

GSA released the Draft OASIS+ Multi-Agency Contract (MAC) RFP on November 15, and vendors around the beltway and the country are reviewing it to make their bid decisions. What opportunity does OASIS+ present? What are the challenges to getting an award? What should be considered when making the bid decision? OASIS+ upside OASIS+ presents a great opportunity for any company, large or small, to get a foot into government contracting. It represents GSA’s “next generation Best-in-Class Multi-Agency Contracts for complex non-IT services.” With six contract programs (including five for small businesses), OASIS+ covers a broad spectrum of domains—eight for unrestricted (UNR) bidders and seven for small business (SB)—and dozens of NAICS codes. Domains in the initial contract include technical and engineering, management, R&D, environmental, enterprise services (UNR only), logistics, facilities management, and intelligence. Additional domains will be added later. Contractor teaming arrangements (CTAs) may include joint ventures and traditional prime/sub … Continue reading Is OASIS+ for you?

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Whose job is business development and growth?

Spoiler alert: All staff members can contribute to BD and growth

If you’re in the government market selling professional services, whose job is business development (BD) and growth? Is it the job of sales and BD to fulfill it? Is it the responsibility of executives and senior management to perform it? Is it the job of everyone—including those dedicated to supporting customer contracts full-time—to support it? Companies have one of three opinions on this question. Some companies never involve their staff members and keep them blinded to the company’s BD and growth activities. Some companies include staff members on an as-needed basis, and some actively engage and reward staff for supporting BD and growth. While we respect each company’s right to determine the level of staff member involvement, we encourage companies to consider the following scenarios under which staff members can contribute to BD and growth and remind them that all indirect charge BD and growth activities must be given an … Continue reading Whose job is business development and growth?

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“Evolve Care Package” for creating a high-scoring proposal – post-RFP release

The race is on now—the U.S. Department of State (DOS) Bureau of Information Resource Management (IRM) released its $10B Evolve IDIQ request for proposal (RFP) on December 2, 2022. Evolve bid milestones December 5, 2022: The portal for questions opens. December 9, 2022 at 2:00 PM ET: The portal for questions closes. December 14, 2022: Vendor training session focused on Symphony registration. January 18, 2023 at 2:00 PM ET: Phase 1 proposals are due. April 2023: Companies are invited to continue to Phase 2 (this date is subject to change). Q4 FY2023: Final awards made on Phase 2 proposals (this is an estimated date). Contract award categories The bid is highly competitive—hundreds of companies showed interest during DOS’ industry day. DOS stated it is awarding 34 Evolve contracts, and offerors can submit proposals for one or more of five functional categories: IT Management Services Functional Category (FC1) (NAICS 541513) Eight … Continue reading “Evolve Care Package” for creating a high-scoring proposal – post-RFP release

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Lohfeld Consulting’s Favorite Things for the Holidays

What are your favorite things for the holidays?

Here’s a list of our team’s favorite things for the holidays. What would you add to this list? Government RFPs No crazy overtime hours between December 24 and January 1, based on work-intensive RFPs released in December. No more RFPs with requirements 10 times the size of the proposal requirements. No Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) proposals outside of commodities. No more IDIQs that limit competition to the biggest and not to the best. Capture and proposal Robust go/no-go reviews that weed out the proposals that a company shouldn’t waste its time on (no capture, no customer intimacy, no past performance, no key personnel, etc.). Numerous strengths statements across all evaluated criteria. The ability to walk in the customer’s/evaluator’s shoes (send us those shoes). Cost volumes that are finished more than 24 hours before the proposal is due. Technology Fast, new, high-quality laptops with all necessary software. Grammarly and PerfectIt … Continue reading Lohfeld Consulting’s Favorite Things for the Holidays

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