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Generative AI for Proposal Professionals – LIVE ONLINE Training | July 16-18, 2024 (~4.5 hours per day over 3 days)

July 16 @ 12:00 pm July 18 @ 4:30 pm EDT

LIVE instructor-led online class

Date: July 16-18, 2024 (3-day class)
Time: 12:00-4:30 pm EDT
Location: Online, LIVE, Instructor-Led

Your challenge

AI is changing how proposal professionals manage new business pursuits and write competitive proposals.

Now is the time to reskill your business development workforce and train them to use these new AI tools to increase your competitive advantage.

The solution

This class will give your capture and proposal professionals the background and hands-on experience they need to use Generative AI (GenAI) to research, draft, review, and revise proposal content in a fraction of the time and cost of current methods. Your team will learn how to write effective AI prompts that save research and drafting time; use a secured, private GenAI platform designed specifically for GovCon to perform proposal tasks such as solutioning, proposal content development, compliance checking, and review and revision; and build winning proposal content by injecting results from searches of a simulated corporate data library into GenAI-created proposal narrative.

When you complete this class, you’ll be a proficient user of AI-assisted tools to manage and create proposal content, and you’ll never go back to the old ways of building proposals.

What you will learn

In this Generative AI for Proposal Professionals class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the capabilities and limitations of AI models.
  • Combine engineered prompts and chain-of-thought to develop prompts for your company’s best practices.
  • Use an AI Chatbot and AI-assisted proposal drafting tool to quickly generate high-quality content that builds on your company’s differentiated capabilities.
  • Use an AI-assisted compliance checking tool to review draft proposal content and make revisions to address weaknesses, mitigate risks, and differentiate your offering.
  • Bolster pre-RFP solutioning with innovative ideas in a facilitated workshop construct.
  • Apply all of these skills in a capstone exercise that uses GenAI to simulate end-to-end development of proposal content.

Who should attend

  • Company Executives
  • Project Managers
  • Market Research Professionals
  • Competitive Intelligence Professionals
  • Business Development Professionals
  • Capture Management Professionals
  • Technical Professionals
  • Proposal Management Teams
  • Proposal Managers
  • Volume Leads
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Proposal Writers
  • Editors
  • Graphic Artists
  • Orals Coaches
  • Proposal Color Team Reviewers

(Eligible for 12 APMP CEUs)

Class Price

  • $795 per student includes all training materials, handouts, and live instructor-led training. No discounts are available.
  • A temporary license (class time + 7 days) to access the Training Tenant in our multi-tenant Generative AI Proposal Development Center (PDC)

Generative AI Class Schedule

ONLINE / Day 1 (~4.5 hours)

Introduction to AI-Assisted Proposal Development

Develop an in-depth understanding of the capabilities of Generative AI—as well as its limitations—with custom content, demonstrations, and exercises. We’ll show you how to overcome the limitations of GenAI with prompt language, techniques, and templates that take maximum advantage of AI chatbot capabilities. You’ll experiment with the amazing capabilities of GenAI to write creatively; respond to your prompts with content in a persona, tone, and style that you specify; infuse responses with data from sources such as your corporate private data library; and generate outputs in convenient forms such as narrative, briefing outlines, and lists. You’ll also learn techniques for using hybrid prompts that combine engineered prompts and chain-of-thought to help you quickly converge on desired outcomes.

Our discussion of GenAI limitations will cover why models hallucinate, the need to fact-check all GenAI outputs, how GenAI can be forgetful in a conversation, how to detect and deal with bias—and how to overcome these limitations.

By the end of the first session, you’ll be ready to use AI-assisted tools to perform actual proposal tasks.

ONLINE / Day 2 (~4.5 hours)

Enterprise AI Platforms and Prompt Engineering for Proposal Development

On Day 2, you’ll be given an account and begin working in the Lohfeld GenAI Training Tenant, a secured enclave environment with a commercial AI instance that is trained to help you do proposal tasks. We’ll show you how to use the AI-assisted tools and ensure you understand how your proprietary data is protected from corruption and leakage. You’ll develop proposal content based on actual PWS and RFP evaluation criteria using a proposal content drafting tool that interacts with an AI chatbot.

You’ll also use Internet search and retrieval augmented generation (RAG) to search through a simulated corporate private data library for capabilities to satisfy a requirement. You’ll select from the vendor’s built-in prompt library to generate GenAI responses that you’ll compare with the responses from your custom prompts.

By the end of the second session, you’ll be writing your own prompts, skillfully creating new proposal content, and designing chain-of-thought prompts to build custom workflows that adhere to your company’s best practices.

Your temporary Training Tenant license will last ~7 days after the class. During this time, you can continue using the Training Tenant to experiment with the AI platform and develop and test prompts for your personal prompt library.

ONLINE / Day 3 (~4.5 hours)

Lohfeld Generative AI Proposal Development Center

On Day 3, you’ll continue to work in the Lohfeld GenAI Training Tenant to respond to a real government RFP. You’ll generate proposal content, use the AI platform to assess compliance and offer recommendations to improve your product, and make revisions based on recommendations that you select. We’ll also demonstrate how you can use a GenAI Chatbot to forecast evaluation criteria and develop solution concepts in advance of the final RFP release.

We’ll finish the day with an in-class capstone exercise that has you use all of these capabilities to develop a high-scoring technical volume section in response to an RFP. Completion of the capstone exercise earns you the Lohfeld Generative AI for Proposal Professionals course completion certificate. By the end of the third session, you’ll be using AI tools to confidently assist capture teams, help SMEs create high-scoring solutions, and write proposal content better and more quickly than ever before.

About Our Instructors

Generative AI Training Specialists

Bruce Feldman

Vice President, Generative AI and Capture Management Training Specialist, Strength-Based Winning® Instructor

Bruce brings more than 30 years of experience as a subject matter expert (SME) in business development, capture management, and proposal development, specializing in Space and National Intelligence programs for the U.S. Air Force (USAF), U.S. Space Force (USSF), Intelligence Community (IC), Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Department of Defense (DOD) 4th Estate, and Combatant Commands.

He leads Lohfeld Consulting Group’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiatives and is the lead trainer for our Generative AI for Proposal Professionals classes, a trainer for our Capture Management and Strength-Based Winning® classes, and a consulting advisor.

Before joining our team, Bruce was the Senior Vice President for Business Development for SAIC’s $3B National Security and Space Sector. He also served as Chief Growth Officer for Engility, Senior Vice President of QinetiQ North America, Vice President of GCI, Inc. (a subsidiary of General Dynamic Information Technology (GDIT)), and Research Staff Analyst for TASC, Inc.

Bruce is a retired Lt. Col., USAF Reserve, and previously an active-duty USAF officer. He served as the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Detachment Commander at the National Military Command Center (NMCC), as Chief of Mission Planning for the USAF Space and Missile Center, and on active duty at the National Security Agency (NSA). He holds a BA in Chemistry from Yale, a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology, and an MS in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is also an NSA-certified Cryptologic Engineer and holds Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) and Association of Proposal Management (APMP) Foundation-level certifications.

Dwayne Baptist

Vice President, Generative AI Training Specialist, PMP, Capture Manager, Proposal Manager, Technical Lead, Orals Coach, Program/Project Management

Dwayne brings 30 years of experience in the IT and service delivery sector with 25 years of experience in capture and proposal development. An expert Proposal Manager, Orals Coach, and Color Reviewer, he is a preeminent proposal strategist and solution architect. He has worked across DoD, many parts of DHS, and numerous civilian Federal Agencies. He has also led proposal efforts at the state and local levels.

Prior to joining Lohfeld Consulting Group, Dwayne served in senior leadership roles in a variety of large and small companies. He has led efforts to win major IDIQ vehicles with ceilings as high as $10B, including assembling winning teams to enter new markets that subsequently won significant task order revenue. As president of Dwayne Baptist and Associates, he combined capture and proposal development consulting with executive coaching to help leaders and organizations develop the business processes needed to quickly and reliably capture, bid, and win new work, and to protect incumbent work. Dwayne is a member of APMP, certified PMP, and a proud graduate of the United States Naval Academy.

Cancellations and Transfers

Student substitutions are permitted at any time up to the start of the class (please notify your instructor so s(he) can forward the invitation to the substituted student).

Fourteen (14) days or more prior to the start of the class: No charges will be incurred for canceling or transfer of class registration.

Thirteen (13) days or fewer prior to the start of the class: The full tuition is due. There is no credit available to transfer or refund. If rescheduling, an additional payment in the amount of the new registration will also be due.

Student No Show

If a student fails to attend class, the full tuition is due, and there is no credit available to transfer or refund.


Refunds are made upon request only for registrations canceled fourteen (14) calendar days, or more, prior to the class start date.


No recordings of Lohfeld Consulting Group classes are permitted or available.


July 16 @ 12:00 pm EDT
July 18 @ 4:30 pm EDT
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