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Ask Proposal Doctor – Eliminate daily standup meetings?

Dear Proposal Doctor, My capture manager and solution architect are tired of the daily standup meeting and want to discontinue it. Others are grumbling as well. In fact, I can’t prove that it is efficient or that it adds value. I want to continue it, because that is how I was taught to manage proposals, but it is an uphill battle. What is your advice? –Fighting the Good Fight Dear Fighting, Yes, the daily standup is part of the holy grail of our business. For a good reason! Every time I have been persuaded to discontinue this activity, and it has only happened rarely, the proposal has gone off the rails. Those who want to discontinue it usually assume that, as one person put it, “We are all talking to each other all day anyway.” Often that is not the case. From where I sit, the call is essential and … Continue reading Ask Proposal Doctor – Eliminate daily standup meetings?

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Proposal scheduling – make it or break it (Part 2 of 2)

Instituting scheduling best practices before, during, and after Request for Proposal (RFP) release can help alleviate risks and improve a company’s chance of developing a compliant, compelling, and winning proposal. This week Brenda Crist, PPF.APMP and APMP Fellow shares part 2 of her time-tested advice on proposal scheduling. Part 2: Effective scheduling after RFP release and submission As soon as the RFP is released, the race against the clock starts to prepare the information needed for the Kick-off Meeting, including the schedule, compliance matrix, and writers’ packages. Start by building a bullet-proof compliance matrix. Have at least two people review the compliance matrix to verify no instruction, evaluation criteria, or requirement is missed! Use the requirements list to build a work breakdown structure (WBS). Then add additional structure to incorporate proposal management tasks including: Kick-off Meeting Contributor Training Question development Daily Standup Meetings conducted Executive Summary draft development Conceptual planning/solution … Continue reading Proposal scheduling – make it or break it (Part 2 of 2)

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12 Ways to mitigate proposal kick-off planning risks

At the 2011 APMP International Conference, Lohfeld Consulting Group’s Managing Director Brenda Crist presented an informative session on mitigating proposal risks. Here are Brenda’s identified Proposal Kick-off Planning Risks and recommended Mitigation Strategies: Insufficient time to prepare for the Kick-off Meeting. Allow approximately 10% of proposal preparation time to conduct planning in preparation for the kick-off meeting. Ensure attendees receive the schedule and writers packages, draft executive summary, and communications/collaboration instructions. Little or no advance warning of the Kick-off Meeting resulting in limited participation. Before RFP release, identify as many kick-off meeting participants as possible. Keep them informed of the potential kick-off date. Send an email requesting their attendance at the kick-off meeting immediately after RFP release. Right participants are not invited. Consider holding a second meeting for participants who were unable to attend. Attendees are not prepared to participate. Provide just-in-time training to get them up-to-speed during the meeting. … Continue reading 12 Ways to mitigate proposal kick-off planning risks

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