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A winning proposal isn’t always the best

A proposal can be the winner for reasons unrelated to proposal quality

This article was originally published March 4, 2020 on WashingtonTechnology.com Is a winning proposal a good proposal? Some argue that by definition, yes, a win is a good proposal. However, we all know that a proposal can be the winner for reasons unrelated to proposal quality—such as a price shoot out. Therefore, when we look back at our win-loss track record, we miss a lot of important data if wins and losses are the only measures of successful performance. As a result, we may re-use a poor-quality proposal or dismiss a losing proposal that has some successful elements. Are your proposals good? In a Deltek webinar, Bob Lohfeld polled the audience to ask: “Are your proposals compliant, responsive, AND compelling?” Interestingly, only 15 percent of 150-plus respondents believed that their proposals were consistently achieving all three measures of quality. Another 35 percent responded that their proposals sometimes achieved all three. … Continue reading A winning proposal isn’t always the best

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What makes your bid a winner or a loser?

I was asked to review a major best-value bid for a firm that was notified they had lost and wanted to protest. Emotions were running high, and they were making all sorts of allegations about the government not wanting them to win. I asked to see their debriefing file, and what I discovered was surprising—at least to me. Like many companies, they failed to understand why companies lose and what it takes to win. Why do you write proposals? Always remember that proposals are written for one purpose—to convey the information the government evaluators need to select your company over others in the competition. Proposals are not written to show the government how smart you are or to brag about your company history. They are not written to showcase your team members or to boast about your world-class best practices. Proposals are written to score points with the evaluators. When … Continue reading What makes your bid a winner or a loser?

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