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Capture and proposal innovations: the year that was and the year ahead

At the start of Fiscal Year 2014, many made bold predictions of a better year ahead. Post-sequestration, pundits also predicted that the pendulum would begin to swing away from Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) and back to Best Value as agencies experienced the low-quality results of relying on price as the determining evaluation factor. However, despite this optimism, most warned that contractors would need to sharpen their pencils and put on their innovation thinking caps to succeed in the ever-increasingly competitive market. As we enter 2015, innovative companies willing to embrace change are more likely to succeed because they understand the realities of the market and strategize proactively. Looking ahead, what are the innovations—ones that are desirable to customers, possible given constraints such as budget and time, and viable given market developments—that will boost successful outcomes for capture and proposal professionals? Here are five areas to consider. Price to win … Continue reading Capture and proposal innovations: the year that was and the year ahead

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10 Fundamental capture management activities

As you prepare for 2014, take a good look at your capture management process. Each company implements its capture management process to fit its culture and management structure, and all implementations should include the same fundamental activities. Qualify the opportunity. Assess the new business opportunity and make an appropriate decision to invest in the pursuit. Build the capture plan and resource the capture team. Develop a realistic, achievable plan that can be accomplished within the time available and against which capture progress can be measured. Understand the customer’s objectives and requirements. Take the time to fully understand the customer’s scope of work and the objectives to be achieved. Develop a preliminary solution linked to objectives. Create a solution to perform the work that achieves the customer’s objectives. Position with the customer. Preview your solution with the client to shape the procurement strategy and the client’s thinking. Assess the competition. Build … Continue reading 10 Fundamental capture management activities

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The 25% solution

This week, Brenda Crist described the 25% Solution and provides advice for proposal managers who become defacto capture managers once an RFP drops. I titled this post the 25% Solution because proposal managers often have little more than 25% of the solution completed before the request for proposal (RFP) drops. According to proposal best practices, by the time the RFP drops, a company should have: An established relationship with the client or at least a dialogue with the client A solution for performing the work or at least a concept of operations (CONOPS) A price-to-win (PTW) strategy or at least an idea of the customer’s budget Knowledge of the competition’s solution, PTW, or organizational capabilities Partners in place to help close solution gaps with signed non-disclosure agreements (NDA) Subject matter experts (SME) available and willing to help craft the solution When given a 25% solution, the proposal manager becomes a … Continue reading The 25% solution

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