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The 25% solution

This week, Brenda Crist described the 25% Solution and provides advice for proposal managers who become defacto capture managers once an RFP drops. I titled this post the 25% Solution because proposal managers often have little more than 25% of the solution completed before the request for proposal (RFP) drops. According to proposal best practices, by the time the RFP drops, a company should have: An established relationship with the client or at least a dialogue with the client A solution for performing the work or at least a concept of operations (CONOPS) A price-to-win (PTW) strategy or at least an idea of the customer’s budget Knowledge of the competition’s solution, PTW, or organizational capabilities Partners in place to help close solution gaps with signed non-disclosure agreements (NDA) Subject matter experts (SME) available and willing to help craft the solution When given a 25% solution, the proposal manager becomes a … Continue reading The 25% solution

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