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How the winners won SEWP V

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If you’ve been following NASA’s $20 billion Solutions Enterprise Wide Procurement (SEWP V), you might be interested in knowing how the bidders won their awards. Like many procurements, this government-wide contract started out as a highly competitive procurement that received over 200 proposals from companies competing to win a coveted award on this 10-year (5-year base plus one 5-year option) IDIQ contract. When awards were first announced, disgruntled bidders filed protests with the Government Accountability Office (GAO), and NASA voluntarily agreed to reevaluate the proposals. After reevaluation, the agency made 202 contract awards, and every bidder who submitted an acceptable proposal was given a contract award. With no bidders left to protest, SEWP V moved forward as the contract of choice for many government organizations. Here are the details of what happened, and you can draw your own conclusions about the surprise ending to the evaluation process. SEWP procurement description … Continue reading How the winners won SEWP V

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