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3 meeting management best practices

Save time and build credibility by scheduling meetings only when discussion is required

Meetings are essential in business and proposals, but they also waste a lot of time. We groan about the weekly proposal staff meeting because it takes away from productive time at our desks. Meetings from corporate and HR are unnecessarily long, leaving you wishing that you’d skipped each and asked a coworker to fill you in. Then there are those meaningful meetings you’re anticipating—like the strategy and solution sessions—but when there’s no follow-up after the meeting, ideas dissipate and you end up repeating conversations and decisions. Or worse, immediately after the meeting you realize that you and your colleagues walked away with very different impressions of what happened in the meeting, nullifying any progress you thought you’d made. While we’ve all bemoaned these kinds of ineffective meetings, sometimes we perpetuate these issues when we’re the meeting leader. We can save everyone some time and build credibility in our organizations by scheduling meetings … Continue reading 3 meeting management best practices

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