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The road ahead for contractors in 2016

“Amtower Off Center” host Mark Amtower interviews Bob Lohfeld and Paul Murphy

“Amtower Off Center” host Mark Amtower interviews Bob Lohfeld, CEO of Lohfeld Consulting Group and Paul Murphy, Senior Data Analyst with Bloomberg Government on issues facing the contracting community in 2016. Click to listen. Topics include: Budgets for civilian and defense The ten-year GWAC cycle Category management Squeezing margins on professional services and more.  

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Lessons learned from the circus: building community for better teamwork (part 2 of 3)

There’s more truth than jest to the saying that a proposal submission is a bit like a circus. Learn from professional performers how to handle mistakes.

Everyone involved in a hobby or sport is a part of that activity’s community. Those communities are sometimes known for certain characteristics—such as the dedication of runners or the intensity of CrossFit athletes. Circus is no different. This post shares what you can learn from the circus community and how that community leads to better performance. I’ve trained at several rigs in the United States and spoken with flyers from around the world who all attest to some common traits about circus communities: We fiercely support one another’s successes. I’ve never been in an environment that is as genuinely positive as circus is. We innovate together. We enjoy trying new tricks and testing out new techniques. There’s an element of playfulness that translates to innovations in our performances. We see ourselves as part of a team; collaboration is an essential component of our success. For most performances, we literally could not perform without … Continue reading Lessons learned from the circus: building community for better teamwork (part 2 of 3)

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The keys to capture management

Federal News Radio | Off the Shelf with Roger Waldron

Bob Lohfeld, Lisa Pafe, andBeth Wingate discuss the keys to capture management – including market strategies, pipeline development, and proposal preparation – with Roger Waldron on Federal News Radio’s “Off the Shelf”. Click to listen or download the interview The team shares insights on Strength-Based Solutioning™, proposal quality standards, and visual communications. Bob Lohfeld also provides his unique insights on current market trends, the increase in competition, and the role of multiple award contracts.  Finally, the Lohfeld team provides suggestions on how to improve win rates. Hosted by Roger Waldron of the Coalition for Government Procurement, Off the Shelf interviews federal contracting experts from both inside and outside of government on the issues that matter most.        

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