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More Go-to-Market Q&A with Kevin Young

After our Top Ten ‘Go-to-Market’ Mistakes Made by Federal Contractors (click to watch webinar and download slides) webinar, we received a number of follow-up questions from viewers. Here are a few questions with Kevin Young’s answers. Q: In terms of understanding client needs, have you conducted focus groups, and do you have insights in that regard? A:  There are two types of clients here: our direct clients (federal contractors) and their clients (Federal Government). For the former, I employ a SWOT analysis, primary research in the form of a white board working session (aka stakeholder focus group) as a component of Go-to-Market strategy and planning to understand needs. For the latter, I usually rely on accurate and consistent secondary data via industry analysts/researchers (e.g., Bloomberg, Deltek GovWin, IDC, Gartner) and the government itself (e.g., OMB, OPM,  Congressional budgets, General Services Administration (GSA), Federal Business Opportunities (FBO), and/or Federal Procurement Data … Continue reading More Go-to-Market Q&A with Kevin Young

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