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How does the government evaluate a proposal PWS?

Developing a comprehensive and effective PWS is a great way to show the government that you understand the work

Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 37.602 gives the Federal Government the freedom to decide if the acquiring agency or the bidder prepares the Performance Work Statement (PWS). When the offeror prepares and submits the PWS as part of its technical proposal, often the evaluation criteria give the Source Selection Evaluation Board (SSEB) quite a bit of leeway in evaluating the work statement. The PWS evaluation factor may use subjective words such as “exceptional understanding” and “a comprehensive and effective PWS.” What does this really mean? In a best value trade-off, government evaluators review the PWS for Strengths, Weaknesses, Deficiencies, and Risks to determine the overall score or rating. When the RFP requests that the bidder write the PWS in response to a Statement of Objectives (SOO), bidders must use these performance objectives to craft the tasks, subtasks, deliverables or work products, and performance standards. How to achieve Strengths Strengths have merit … Continue reading How does the government evaluate a proposal PWS?

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Six tips for better content reuse

Determine whether it contributes to increased proposal wins both in percentage and in volume

Proposal content reuse at its best improves productivity and make the most of your bid and proposal (B&P) resources. Every company reuses proposal content, whether they have a formal content reuse strategy with tools, technology, and dedicated writers or individuals who reuse their own latest and greatest nuggets independently—or they are somewhere in between. As with any aspect of the proposal life cycle, successful bidders must plan, measure results, and continuously improve. Yet, all too often, companies fail to examine whether their formal and/or informal reuse processes result in content that gets the job done. The best way to measure if content reuse works is to determine whether it contributes to increased proposal wins both in percentage and in volume. Even if content reuse saves time, it doesn’t necessarily increase PWin. Content is an expression of your company Content articulates what your company is, what it does or has done, … Continue reading Six tips for better content reuse

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