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Give your brain space to work

Life around the beltway seems to move faster than the life in the rest of the United States. Add in managing proposals, and not only is it impossible to cross off each item on your to-do list, taking a minute to clear your head feels inconceivable. In contrast with the frenetic pace of federal proposals, our work products are better if we can delay some tasks to give our brains room to think. In his blog post “Take Time to Not Think,” Scott Eblin shares that our best problem-solving happens during a mixture of conscious and unconscious thought. This is the type of thinking we have when we’re in the shower or waiting in a long line. Because our brains continue to work through issues “in the background,” we find ourselves chewing on work problems or finding inspiration when we give our minds time to wander. The busier our personal … Continue reading Give your brain space to work

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