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Stop boring us with recycling

I am so tired of recycling. There, I said it. No, I’m not talking about bottles, cans, and old newspapers. I’m talking about content. Have you noticed how many authors and speakers recycle their content? They put a new title on it, but when you read the article or watch the webinar, the content is tired, repetitive, or at best reprocessed. Too many are heeding the content marketing experts who advise us to re-use, recycle, re-purpose. These experts recommend content recycling campaigns with a strategy, tactics, and calendar to get maximum value out of each product. According to some content marketing gurus, one piece should yield 20 products. Content marketing philosophers go so far as to make an analogy to Thanksgiving leftovers. The turkey is the main event, but certainly we can turn the bird into sandwiches, hash, and casseroles. Others are romantics, calling the content reimagined. The more practical … Continue reading Stop boring us with recycling

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Ask the Proposal Doctor – Frustrated at Stupidity

Dear Proposal Doctor, The powers that be in my company took drastic measures after a number of proposals were submitted containing errors resulting from use of old proposal material. As of now, no one has access to old proposals so that everyone will have to write everything from scratch. Of course there are still some electronic and hard copies floating around, so the hunt is on to see who has the biggest stash. Is there an official best practice with respect to using previous proposals? If we don’t get this policy reversed, it seems to me that we are going to be re-inventing the wheel at considerable cost to the company. And ultimately to our customers. -Frustrated at Stupidity Dear Frustrated, Good artists copy. Great artists steal. Who said that? I don’t know but, I think it was Picasso, or someone equally gifted. Yes, there is a best practice, and … Continue reading Ask the Proposal Doctor – Frustrated at Stupidity

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