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Turn that losing streak around now (or avoid a losing streak in the first place!)

Our 10 tips to help you

Nothing is more frustrating than a string of losing proposals. It demoralizes the bid and proposal (B&P) team, wastes B&P funds, and results in operations personnel losing their jobs. Despite observing some impressive losing streaks, Lohfeld Consulting Group has seen many companies turn losing streaks around. We consolidated some of our observations into the following 10 tips to help you turn around (or avoid!) a losing streak. Tip #1: Reflect Conduct lessons-learned reviews to evaluate your proposals’ strengths, weaknesses, and costs. Analyze the customers’ debriefs to assess your scores against all evaluated criteria. Contract with an unbiased third-party to assess your proposals and recommend improvements. Tip #2: Formulate your game plan Create a step-by-step plan and schedule for converting your lessons learned into actionable tasks. Implement milestone reviews and metrics to measure and assess your progress. Tip #3: Re-evaluate your pipeline Evaluate your business pipeline to verify you are bidding … Continue reading Turn that losing streak around now (or avoid a losing streak in the first place!)

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10 Fundamental capture management activities

As you prepare for 2014, take a good look at your capture management process. Each company implements its capture management process to fit its culture and management structure, and all implementations should include the same fundamental activities. Qualify the opportunity. Assess the new business opportunity and make an appropriate decision to invest in the pursuit. Build the capture plan and resource the capture team. Develop a realistic, achievable plan that can be accomplished within the time available and against which capture progress can be measured. Understand the customer’s objectives and requirements. Take the time to fully understand the customer’s scope of work and the objectives to be achieved. Develop a preliminary solution linked to objectives. Create a solution to perform the work that achieves the customer’s objectives. Position with the customer. Preview your solution with the client to shape the procurement strategy and the client’s thinking. Assess the competition. Build … Continue reading 10 Fundamental capture management activities

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