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How to prepare for APMP Practitioner Objective Test Examinations (OTEs) | On-demand webinar

Lohfeld Business Winning Webinar

Proposal and Capture professionals wonder which APMP Practitioner exam is best for them—Proposal Practitioner or Capture Practitioner. The Objective Test Exam (OTE) format used for these exams is very challenging, and potential exam takers need strategies to prepare. Join Lisa Pafe and Beth Wingate as we help you get ready for the APMP Practitioner exams. We talk about the: APMP Practitioner certification program Differences between the two Practitioner exams Philosophy behind Objective Test Exams—and what they’re really testing you on. We delve into details about the two exams—structure, syllabus, format, and some really important logistics, and we review testing taking tips! Who should watch Proposal and Capture professionals interested in achieving Practitioner certification Click to watch the webinar and download the presentation Presenter Lisa Pafe, Vice President, Lohfeld Consulting Group Lisa Pafe, CPP APMP Fellow and PMP, is Vice President of Lohfeld Consulting Group, a premier business development, capture, and proposal … Continue reading How to prepare for APMP Practitioner Objective Test Examinations (OTEs) | On-demand webinar

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APMP Certification: A selfish and selfless act

Are you considering APMP certification? Perhaps you’re already certified at the Foundation level but are wondering if you should pursue Practitioner or even Professional accreditation. Capture and proposal professionals often ponder whether certification benefits them as well as those around them. Research shows that getting certified benefits you (selfish reasons) as well as your colleagues (selfless considerations). Here are the reasons why. Five selfish reasons First and foremost, take care of yourself. Certification benefits you as follows: Get hired faster. Employment studies demonstrate that job applicants with certifications are more attractive to recruiters and employers, and thus are likely to more quickly succeed in getting a job offer. Certification is a great way to differentiate yourself from competing applicants, whether you’re applying as an employee or 1099 consultant. Advance more quickly. Research also shows that certified employees advance quickly within their companies, earning promotions at a more rapid pace in … Continue reading APMP Certification: A selfish and selfless act

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Capture and proposal innovations: Heed the law of physics

A law of physics states that “an object at rest tends to remain at rest, and an object in motion tends to remain in motion.” Scientists call this tendency inertia. The same holds true for our professional growth. When we do the same thing day after day, our aspirations wither on the vine. When you enable stagnation by remaining at rest, you end up making yourself and those around you miserable. Are you stuck in your cubicle or war room staring at the four walls and wondering how to ignite fresh career growth? So many of us think that being a great capture or proposal professional involves a lot of time at the office. We tell ourselves that now isn’t the right time to try something new, that we’re too busy to find time to work out, much less explore new career avenues. Somehow, it’s never the right time to … Continue reading Capture and proposal innovations: Heed the law of physics

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APMP NCA mentorship program – a chance to pay it forward

December 4 was a great milestone in APMP-NCA history—our chapter kicked off a new mentorship program to pair experienced capture and proposal professionals with less-experienced protégés. Lohfeld Consulting Group Principal Consultants Lisa Pafe and Kristin Pennypacker volunteered to serve as mentors to two novice proposal coordinators who are employees of our customers—Veterans Enterprise Technology Solutions, Inc. (VETS) and Ace Info Solutions, Inc. (AceInfo). The 9-month program pairs 12 mentors with 12 up-and-coming proposal professionals to help them prepare for APMP certification, share lessons learned, work together on particular areas of interest, learn more about all that our Chapter offers members, and network with other APMP-NCA members. Paired mentors and protégés will keep a log of achievements and report to the program bi-monthly. Each mentor earns CEUs and receives a stipend of $200 to spend on educational materials, professional events, shared meals, and other expenses. Protégés additionally benefit from 4–8 hours … Continue reading APMP NCA mentorship program – a chance to pay it forward

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