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Here’s how to tune up your business for 2016

Washington Technology Article

We have been talking with lots of companies to understand what they are doing to win more business in 2016, and I thought I would share some of what we learned with you. Surprisingly, the results are pretty consistent. Many companies found that winning has gotten harder, especially since the government’s budget has been in a steady decline for the past 7 years. We all fully understand the notion that with fewer dollars to spread across government contractors, companies have to fight harder to win their share. Many companies realize that what they did to win in the good times just isn’t good enough today. To move ahead, companies have to work smarter and harder and reinvent what they are doing to remain competitive. It should come as no surprise that if a company isn’t continually improving how it competes for new business, then it is actually falling behind as … Continue reading Here’s how to tune up your business for 2016

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