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Fiscal 2019 Top 20 Contracting Opportunities: BGOV Report

The report covers contracts worth a total of about $130.9 billion

Bloomberg Government has released a list of the 20 leading contracting opportunities for the fiscal year that begins October 1. The report covers contracts worth a total of about $130.9 billion for which a final request for proposal is likely by the close of fiscal 2019. –Click Here for the Fiscal 2019 Top 20 Opportunities Slides– BGOV analyst Daniel Snyder, BGOV account manager Courtney O’Connell, and featured guest Bob Lohfeld, chairman of the board of Lohfeld Consulting Group, discussed the opportunities in a webinar on September 25, 2018. Highlights of the report and webinar: In fiscal 2019, there are 13 contracts totaling $74.8 billion for information technology and seven programs totaling $26.7 billion for professional services. There are 15 opportunities with civilian agencies in fiscal 2019, which is a significant shift from the eight civilian and 12 defense opportunities, that were featured last year in the fiscal 2018 top 20 … Continue reading Fiscal 2019 Top 20 Contracting Opportunities: BGOV Report

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The road ahead for contractors in 2016

“Amtower Off Center” host Mark Amtower interviews Bob Lohfeld and Paul Murphy

“Amtower Off Center” host Mark Amtower interviews Bob Lohfeld, CEO of Lohfeld Consulting Group and Paul Murphy, Senior Data Analyst with Bloomberg Government on issues facing the contracting community in 2016. Click to listen. Topics include: Budgets for civilian and defense The ten-year GWAC cycle Category management Squeezing margins on professional services and more.  

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Capture the top 20 contract opportunities in FY 2016 [webinar replay]

Lohfeld | Bloomberg Webinar

Join the Lohfeld Consulting Group and Bloomberg Government contracting and data teams as we explore the top 20 Federal Government contracting opportunities of FY16 – worth more than $300 billion. With billions at stake, learn how our deep data tools and analysis help take advantage of the biggest opportunities of the year. Topics Include: Trends to Watch:  Understand the five most important trends in FY16 you should watch to stay ahead of your competition and win more business Top Opportunities:  Find out how we can help you win Alliant 2, OASIS On-Ramps, VETS-2, Encore III and other major contracts worth billions Areas of Growth:  Focus on opportunities in cybersecurity, cloud, mobility, health IT, and Special Operations  Click to watch the webinar replay Speakers: Brian Friel, Senior Contracts Analyst, Bloomberg Government Kevin Brancato, Director of Government Contracts Research, Bloomberg Government Robert Lohfeld, CEO, Lohfeld Consulting Group Click to watch the webinar replay  

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