Winning Proposal Management and Solution Development

Look to Lohfeld Consulting Group for proposal management and solution development support.Look to Lohfeld Consulting Group for proposal management and solution development support including proposal managers, volume leads, solution architects/subject matter experts, orals coaches, proposal writers, proposal reviewers, Strength-Based Solutioning experts, editors, graphic artists, and desktop publishers. Our professionals are a select group averaging 20+ years’ experience and chosen for their expert skills and subject matter expertise.

When you engage our support, our experts will follow your company’s proposal process and use your proposal development tools (such as SharePoint, Privia, WinCenter) to manage the development of your proposal. If you don’t have a preferred methodology, you can use our proven proposal development process and tools. Our experts will work on-site collocated with your technical team, and we work assignments anywhere in the United States and Europe. Our experts can also manage your proposal virtually, using a complete suite of virtual proposal tools.

In addition, our proposal management and writing experts are very well versed in providing support for varying types of acquisition strategies and requirements, including GSA Schedule proposals and GSA FEDSIM proposals.


For further information, please contact Beth Wingate at Read on for detailed descriptions of the support provided by our team.

Proposal Managers

From pre-RFP proposal planning through proposal delivery, our senior proposal managers direct the proposal team of authors, engineers, subject matter experts, desktop publishers, vendors, and subcontractors.

Our proposal management support includes:

  • Developing pre-proposal and proposal plans, schedules, staffing requirements, and budget estimates; reviewing these plans with the capture manager; and using them to manage the effort and provide continuous visibility into proposal status
  • Advising clients on bid and proposal (B&P) strategies
  • Applying thorough knowledge of industry-standard proposal processes and tailoring these to the client’s process
  • Analyzing the RFP and amendments and creating the proposal outline, proposal design and style templates, and RFP compliance matrices
  • Organizing and leading a focused proposal team
  • Organizing and running the kick-off meeting and subsequent meetings
  • Allocating requirements to volumes and sections, ensuring proper interfaces among volumes
  • Developing annotated proposal outlines that track with the RFP
  • Assisting in developing themes and identifying discriminators
  • Directing the proposal writing and integration of proposal sections
  • Establishing and managing proposal schedules, plans, deadlines, and progress
  • Ensuring that subcontractors understand their roles in the proposal and provide needed information
  • Developing and vetting questions to the government agency
  • Developing color team review plans and leading preparation for proposal reviews
  • Leading incorporation of review comments into volumes
  • Generating proposal “lessons learned” summary at proposal completion

Volume Lead

A volume lead is responsible for the overall quality of a volume, under the leadership of a proposal manager. Support includes:

  • Assisting the Proposal Manager in developing the annotated outline and compliance matrix for the respective volume
  • Working with appropriate writers and subject matter experts (SMEs) to identify and capture content
  • Comparing related sections to ensure consistency across the proposal
  • Facilitate the development and selection of graphics for the volume
  • Managing compliance, responsiveness, and overall quality of the respective volume
  • Assist in reviewing and editing volume sections as necessary

Proposal Coordinators

Our proposal coordinators assist the proposal manager by providing the following services:

  • Determining formatting and production-related requirements of the RFP and establishing (in conjunction with the proposal manager) formatting directives, production guidelines, publication deadlines, and production schedules
  • Coordinating the proposal effort among desktop publishers, graphics personnel, and authors
  • Assisting the proposal manager in developing/maintaining proposal schedule, plans, outlines, and assignments
  • Establishing the configuration control process and maintaining version control of proposal text and graphics iterations
  • Establishing and maintaining the graphics log
  • Setting up and managing the collaborative portal if necessary (e.g., SharePoint, WinCenter, Privia)
  • Coordinating special-access badging requests for proposal team members
  • Creating and maintaining the proposal team contact list
  • Handling all meeting logistics and taking and distributing meeting minutes
  • Coordinating/scheduling meetings, conference calls, email notifications, and updates to the proposal team
  • Maintaining proposal room walls with up-to-date graphics and text
  • Ordering all supplies/materials for proposal team
  • Arranging for meals and other special requirements for proposal staff

Solution Architects/SMEs

We also provide solution architects and subject matter experts to assist our clients with agency-specific expertise, domain expertise, and technical expertise. These experts support development of a client’s solution and technical approach. They are also available to serve as proposal review members or volume leads.

To secure our support on your next proposal, contact Beth Wingate at