Proposal Reviews & Assessments

Proposal Reviews

Color Teams

We provide senior-level personnel to serve as review team members or to conduct single, independent reviews of specific proposal sections or volumes.


Our proposal reviewers have experience leading and participating in blue, pink, red, and gold reviews and in assessing technical, management, resume, past performance, and cost/price volumes.

Our reviewers come prepared. Prior to the review, they become conversant with the RFP and all supporting documentation provided to them. Clients can count on thorough, frank assessments and actionable out-briefs.

Reviewers recommend specific fixes and improvements to the proposal to enhance client reviewability and proposal compliance.

Our Review Process

Our reviewers can plan and lead your proposal reviews. We follow a structured process that includes the following steps:

  • Plan and coordinate proposal review
  • Distribute read-ahead material to all reviewers
  • Prepare review team kick-off briefing and provide specific instructions for a rigorous, complete assessment
  • Based on their technical expertise and available review time, assign team members specific proposal sections and section review sequences
  • Direct all reviewers to record their comments electronically using automated review tools such as “track changes” and “insert comments”
  • Merge all electronic comments by section into a single file for use by proposal authors
  • Chair proposal review out-brief
  • Out-brief proposal comments orally to the proposal team and record out-brief by section using mp3 files, which then are made available to the proposal team
  • Provide specific actions and guidance to the proposal team to raise the proposal’s evaluation score
  • Close out review and brief findings to management.

Proposal Improvement Assessments

Despite poor results, we often continue to do things the same way. This pattern may apply to your proposal shop as well. Perhaps your win rate is stagnant or declining, your team is burned out, your technology doesn’t work, and/or proposal quality is at an all-time low.

To provide a roadmap for improvement, Lohfeld Consulting Group now offers an independent Proposal Improvement Assessment. This review is an objective analysis of proposal operations (people, processes, and technology) versus best practices as well as proposal quality versus our 7 quality measures proven to increase win rates. Based on the analysis, we provide detailed, actionable recommendations that will dramatically improve results.

Our review service offers the best return on investment (ROI) for proposal improvement that will increase your win rate. Often, proposal shops realize they have problems, but don’t know how to articulate and fix issues. Even when they realize what the fix is, they don’t know how to implement it and/or they don’t have organizational buy-in. By investing in the unbiased opinion of an expert, proposal organizations can better understand strengths and weaknesses and take actionable steps to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

The assessment uncovers what works and what doesn’t through documentation reviews, observation, interviews, focus groups with proposal operations employees, and focus groups with business unit customers accessing proposal services. Combined with a review of representative submitted proposals, the analysis helps organizations achieve positive results leading to more effective competition and winning more bids. We provide an oral and written briefing that documents our findings and provides detailed recommendations and actionable next steps so that you know what the problem is and how to fix it.

Our experienced consultants can perform the following separate reviews.

Proposal Process/Operations Review

  • Gather and review existing documentation related to proposal operations organization and staffing, processes, tools, and technology, including representative proposals
  • Interview proposal operations staff and hold a focus group with stakeholders regarding the “as-is” environment and related strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop recommendations for improvement of people, processes, training, and technologies.

Proposal Quality Review

Proposal Post-mortem Review

  • Review RFP
  • Develop compliance matrix
  • Review submitted proposal
  • Provide completed score sheet
  • Provide outbrief.

Too busy? A packed calendar is not a problem, as we can conduct the review to work around your schedule. If desired, we can complete much of the analysis off-site. We provide a documentation list, and all you need to do is gather and provide the materials. Interviews can be conducted on or off-site with a very flexible schedule at your convenience. Optional focus groups are the only aspect of this service that must be performed on-site, but they are definitely a great way to gain a true understanding of customer perspectives and overall satisfaction with the proposal shop services.

If capture management is a problem as well, we can add an independent assessment of the capture processes to the review. Lohfeld Consulting Group often conducts capture and proposal operations assessments simultaneously, providing experts in both areas who can ask the right questions and provide unbiased appraisals.

To schedule your proposal review, please contact Amy Barden at