Capture Management

We continually striving to raise your company’s competitiveness through a well-defined capture management process.Do you need an experienced manager to plan and lead your next capture? Let us take the lead for you and apply our Strength-Based Winning process to your capture. We work under the direction of a member of your executive team to help your company develop your capture plan, and then we coach your team in executing these capture initiatives, continually striving to raise your company’s competitiveness through a well-defined capture management process.

We can reduce your costs by finding and leveraging efficiencies during strategic pursuits. Together, we can prepare your company to write proposals that are customer-focused, compliant, and persuasive—and result in long-term business development success.

We begin the capture management process the moment you decide to bid a procurement. Our capture experts assist your management team in developing and executing capture plans that focus on:

  • Forming a winning capture team that includes your capture manager, business executives involved with the client agency, operational management, subject matter experts, candidate program manager, proposal manager, and our expert consultants
  • Understanding customer requirements and objectives prior to RFP release
  • Developing your winning solution and positioning it with the customer to gain buy-in and build advocacy for your company
  • Conducting independent competitive assessments to identify competitors and their strengths, weaknesses, past performance, and relevant experience
  • Developing compelling win strategies that differentiate your offer from other competitors and provide justification for selecting your company
  • Establishing teaming strategies that strengthen your technical and management solution, reinforce past performance credentials, and fulfill small and small disadvantaged business subcontracting requirements
  • Establishing price-to-win (PTW) strategies and target pricing for the bid and team members
  • Determining performance risk and risk-mitigation strategies from your company’s and the customer’s points of view

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